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WordPress is the most standout option to build an e-Com store. This eCommerce software provides users with all the functionality required for the creation of an online store that looks good and works well. Take the stress out of moving your store data from WordPress (WooCommerce) to the new cart with Cart2Cart! Having carried out thousands of eCommerce migrations, the tool provides a smooth store data migration without affecting your current sales process.
WordPress migration

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Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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What data can be migrated from WordPress

  • Clear current data on Target Store before Migration


    Preserve customer IDs on Target Store

    Migrate Short & Full descriptions


    Create product variants based on the combinations of options

    Preserve product IDs on Target Store


    Preserve category IDs on Target Store


    Migrate categories and products SEO URLs

    Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions

    Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store


    Skip migration of custom attributes


    Preserve product image URLs

    Smart update entities ($50) ($0)


    Choose all the extra migration options and get 40% off their total Price

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to migrate from WordPress?

      To automatedly migrate from WordPress (WooCommerce), follow the steps provided below in the Cart2Cart Migration Wizard: - Set up your Source and Target carts (your current WordPress (WooCommerce) cart and new cart accordingly). - Select the data you want to migrate from WordPress (WooCommerce) to the new store and pick the additional migration services. - Map your WordPress (WooCommerce) store languages/currencies/order statuses to the corresponding ones on the new platform. - Run free Demo migration. - Launch Full database migration.

    • How to import products from WordPress to the new store?

      If you want to import products when switching from WordPress (WooCommerce) to the new eCommerce solution, you only need to check the corresponding box (Products) in the Migration Wizard. If done, you’ll get all your WordPress (WooCommerce) store products transferred to the new platform automatedly.

    • Will the migration from WordPress affect my existing store?

      Absolutely not. The data transfer from your current WordPress (WoCommerce) store to the new one won't affect your sales process in any way. Your current store will be up and running successfully during the whole migration process.

    • Can I delete my current WordPress store data after migration to the new platform?

      We highly recommend not deleting any of your entities (products, customers, orders, etc.) at your current WordPress (WooCommerce) store until the Full migration is completed. Since if you, later on, decide to use our Recent Data Migration Service, we can't guarantee proper data export from your current WordPress (WooCommerce) eCommerce platform to the new one.

    • Does data transfer with Cart2Cart influence the speed of my current WordPress store?

      No, migrating via Cart2cart) doesn’t influence either the speed or the performance of your current WordPress (WooCommerce) store. Cart2Cart just copies the data from your current WordPress (WooCommerce) store and doesn’t affect it in any way so that it can run as usual.

    • Can I be sure of my data security when using Cart2Cart?

      Cart2Cart performs eCommerce data migration using a separate secure Hetzner server, and the data is not stored after the migration has been finished. Cart2Cart does not migrate credit card information and passwords. We use secure HTTPS protocol for all connections and only authorized staff has access to the migration process. Find more info in our Security Policy.

    • Does Cart support reviews migration from WordPress to the new shopping cart?

      Yes, Cart2Cart can export reviews from your current WordPress (WooCommerce) store to the new one.

    • Which data entities does Cart2Cart support for WordPress migration?

      The correct list of the data types that can be automatedly migrated from WordPress (WooCommerce) can be found in the table above.

    Self-service migration for non-techies


    Get your store data migrated in a few clicks - fast and affordable

    Use Cart2Cart to easily move your current store data to a new shopping cart and start selling in your brand new store in no time.

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    85+ platforms

    2 migr. / account

    Grab your chance to complete replatforming projects faster and work with more shopping carts.

    Save staff hours and focus on complex tasks while Cart2Cart does the heavy lifting with your customers’ store data migration at a discounted price.

    Ecommerce professionals

    Delegate your store data migration to experts


    All-inclusive data migration service

    Simply let us know your migration requirements. We will move all the data from your current store to a new one for you, from A to Z.

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    David Abraham
    Online store owner

    Been using Cart2Cart for years. Makes store migrations a breeze. Customer service is great and they have a great partner program. Would definitely recommend to individuals looking to migrate as well as design agencies.
    Review source

    Emanuele Lenus Pisapia
    Online store owner

    This is my first use of Cart2Cart migration process and this company is awesome! My company managed lots of migration manually before trying C2C and actually we love them. Support is the best ever (thank all!) and service is A +++.
    Review source

    Eric Kinsey
    Online store owner

    Amazing level of patience and professionalism from Cart2Cart working with our team to perform a very difficult import for a client that has been start and stop for over 2 years!! Their team gets back to questions with technical fixes within 24 hours in most cases and we are finally wrapping it up! Thank you for all you’ve done to help get this project to completion.
    Review source

    Judy Critchley
    Online store owner

    I can't praise the Cart2Cart team enough. They really took care to make sure our very large migration was a success. I would highly recommend them!
    Review source

    Todd Svoboda
    Online store owner

    Absolute BEST! Very inexpensive (was quoted $1500 from another design company, compared to only $140), lightning fast speed with their responses, knowledgeable, and of course saved me a ton of quality time I don’t have. Will be using them again for an additional website.
    Review source

    Robert Van Echtelt
    Online store owner

    Used Cart2Cart to migrate https://www.tesland.com. Ideal saves you a ton of time. Even have the option to do it multiple times so you can set up the new site with the correct data in it. And then before you go live with the new site, you can import the latest data again.
    Review source

    Pay only for what you migrate - the cost depends on the number of records to be moved

    Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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    Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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