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Since the eCommerce world is in the digital space, many companies are striving to go ahead in the constantly evolving industry environment. As a result, the organizations are supporting the possibility to accommodate the shopping carts with the newly discovered capabilities and move data to the more advanced versions of the solutions. Let’s take PrestaShop Upgrade as an example and investigate the main aspects of the software transformation.

PrestaShop Upgrade: Frontline Changes of Functionality

Designed to cater mostly the small and medium-sized businesses, PrestaShop has been a welcome revelation over the traditional open source solutions. Initially released in 2008, the platform includes 300+ capabilities that are good enough to satisfy the demands of the robust online shop. Prestashop 1.7 was launched in November 2016 that takes the upper hand over the previous versions due to the different reasons.

Why to Consider Upgrading PrestaShop?

Considering the fact that 1.7 edition is the latest major PrestaShop upgrade, it aims to simplify the creation of the store and product, as well as facilitate an easy way to your first sale. Before diving deep into the world of updated features, take a quick glance at the following characteristics:

  • effective and classy default theme to get you up and running;
  • optimized process of building and maintaining the theme;
  • rethought Product and PrestaShop Module pages;
  • reworked user interface and menu structure for the better workflow;
  • compelling technical architecture, based on the Symfony2 framework.

So, we’ve got acquainted with the primary platform’s innovations that take the solution to a new level to be one of the most comprehensive eCommerce platforms on the market. Explore the fresh highlights of updating Prestashop more thoroughly and know about the significant changes that are brought in:

#1 Improved Products Settings

The new version enables you to add the catalog to your e-store efficiently. Also, the product includes the more engaging interface, automatic management, and a wide range of the shortcuts. From now on, you can easily create the products or pack of them within the limited time, as well as organize their capabilities and values. The product navigation is enhanced with the quick and better way of building the categories.

#2 Renovated Modules Page

When talking about upgrade Prestashop to 1.7, you can’t miss the investigation of the modules updates. The refurbished modules page enables you to manage them a lot easier and effectively. Also, with PrestaShop upgrade module, you can take advantage of the freshly designed tab facility that helps you view the installed modules and options easily to alter them or discover the new ones.

#3 Cleaner Core Experience

Many e-commerce services especially free ones present a plethora of features at the beginning. PrestaShop constantly makes the improvements to eliminate the capabilities that are left unused. To increase the shopping cart performance, the company have made the core lighter by removing some functionality that could overwhelm you and adding them back as modules.

#4 Enhanced Back Office Navigation

The renewed back office offers you the improved UI/UX capabilities that give you effortlessly browse the website. To be more specific, the updated menu is divided into 3 sections: Sell, Improve, and Configure. The novel tabs allow you to surf between the 3 categories hassle-free and manage the modules painlessly.

#6 Password Security Overhaul

The previous PrestaShop editions included the password security that was based on md5 algorithm. Since it started to have some weaknesses in the eCommerce industry, the new platform’s version is enhanced a lot with the availability of the more advanced algorithm.

#7 Symphony Framework Introduction

Last but not least, Prestashop 1.7 upgrade get you acquainted with the Symphony framework that enhances the work of your solution and boosts the team performance. For instance, the designers can use the options of the robust framework to emphasize the eCommerce specifics in addition to improving the Prestashop features. Besides, the activities like managing orders, calculation of costs and taxes, as well as generation of invoices can be done more accurately and efficiently.

With all being said, if you decide to perform the PrestaShop upgrade from 1.6 or any other versions to 1.7, you can notice the improvements in the UX for both the admin and customer point of view. The innovative structure not only enables you with lighter and cleaner core, it improves the product configuration and compelling theme creation. Not to be mention, among the other important novelties, PrestaShop upgrade stands out for the introduction of a new ‘upgrade all modules’ button and optimized back-office navigation for mobiles. So, in case you’ are interested and ask yourself how do I update PrestaShop to the more advanced version, read on for the useful hints.

How to Upgrade PrestaShop: Smooth Path to the New Achievements

As the shopping cart transfer can be a challenging task due to a number of the entities and the diversity of the customization options, you need to explore the tool that can deliver the desired results. At this point, consider Cart2Cart automated migration service that will help you move data the Prestashop 1.7 swift and securely, as well as benefit from the next functionality:

  • user-friendly interface to complete the PrestaShop import in just a few clicks;
  • total uptime of the current e-shop to keep selling during the transfer;
  • free Demo Migration to evaluate the service in action;
  • Migration Insurance to launch the process over in case you want to make any changes.

Now, when you are ready to perform the PrestaShop upgrade, follow the detailed instructions on how to run the transfer effortlessly:

Step 1. Go to the Cart2Cart migration page and register your account. Also, you can sign in with the help of your social networks.

how to upgrade prestashop

Step 2. Open the drop-down list and choose your existing PrestaShop version, and specify the URL of the store. Also download the Connection Bridge, unzip it and upload to your current cart root folder. Then, press ‘Check the Connection.’

how do i update prestashop

Step 3. After that, specify the credentials of your future PrestaShop, perform the same action as with your source version, and click on ‘Choose Entities.’

how do i update prestashop

Step 4. Select the items you are willing to move to the desired platform.

updating prestashop

Besides, you can tick the other options to improve the data import possibilities.

prestashop upgrade

Afterward, map the fields to fit your business requirements and run a free Demo Migration to check how the service functions.

upgrade prestashop to 1.7

Step 5. If you are satisfied with the Demo outcomes, you can start the full migration to the desired solution.

upgrading prestashop

The End Slice

The Prestashop upgrade has a lot to offer to assure your business evolvement. Take the above-mentioned information into consideration, compare the functionality with your current solution and take the next step towards you online store success.

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