Ultimate Data Migration Service - All in One Solution

In a busy e-Commerce world, it is a common situation when merchants don’t have enough time to migrate from one shopping cart to another. Especially when business is large scaled. For this reason, Cart2Cart has created Data Migration Services with diverse prices and conditions to satisfy needs of every store owner. The main goal of all these packages is to save time and minimize efforts of e-merchants. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Ultimate Data Migration Service and define its major peculiarities.

Ultimate Data Migration Service was developed to satisfy the highest demands in customization and assistance.

What does Ultimate Package include?

Ultimate Data Migration Service - All in One Solution

  • First of all, Ultimate Data Migration Service will be a proper solution for you in a case when amount of your entities exceeds
    60 000.
    Products, customers, order history with all corresponding information will be moved to a desirable shopping cart.
  • Our tech engineers will spend 50 hours specifically to your migration. During this period of time, we will analyze your data and perform all needed modifications in order to fulfill personally your requirements.
  • You will get a personal account manager, who will answer all questions and report you on the process of migration.
  • In a case, you haven’t installed your target shopping cart yet, out Team will be happy to do that for you. Firstly we are going to investigate your current hosting environment and then match it with specific requirements of your target cart. After that, we will install your desirable shopping cart, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • In case, you own a large scaled online store, probably it is customized in order to make store administration more convenient. Our Team will perform all needed modifications to perform accurate data migration. Moreover, our tech engineers will do their best to fulfill all your demands in customization. All you have to do is to contact our Support Team and explain your requirements.
  • Cart2Cart provides a possibility to expand migration possibilities with the help of additional options, most of them are provided for an extra cost. However, in a case you order Ultimate Data Migration Service, you will get all additional options for free as a bonus. You can find a detailed description of all additional options here.
  • Data Migration Services were developed with customers in mind and offer full migration assistance. What does it mean? Firstly, we will perform pre-migration validation including verification of proper shopping cart installation, configuration, hosting parameters. Database structure will be checked, as well. Secondly, we set migration for you. All you have to do is to provide access details. Thirdly, we will show you results of Demo migration on your target store. And finally, we are going to validate full migration result. It means our Team will check if the data was moved accurately. That’s it! You are welcome to enjoy your just established new store.
  • All mentioned above will be carried out starting with 5 business days after receiving your request and verifying access details.

What are limitations of Ultimate Data Migration Service?

Ultimate Data Migration Service - All in One Solution

  • Unfortunately, migration of design is not included into Ultimate Data migration Service. Nonetheless, if there is a need to move your template as well, you can choose one of Data&Design Migration Services.
  • Cart2Cart customization possibilities do not include : installation and modifications of third-party extensions and modules, configuration of tax rules and non standard entities (news, testimonials, other website content).
  • Take into a consideration, Ultimate Package, as well as other, includes only one migration.

So, if you are an owner of a huge online store, which is highly customized and wish to transfer all data to a new platform with 100% accuracy, Ultimate Data Migration Service is what you are looking for.