Become 800 Pound Gorilla with VirtueMart to PrestaShop Migration [Showcase]

When you see a successful business, it means that someone once has made a courageous decision. Especially this appears to be true, when it comes to digital market that directly is connected to technologies developing non-stop. Managing your own e-shop you can face various difficulties. However, most of them are caused by the solution which is not ready to satisfy all your demands and modern e-Commerce community needs. And in this article we are going to present a bright example of the positive influence of changes together with right decision-making. Let’s find out how migration from VirtueMart to PrestaShop has saved the life of one great French store.

Both shopping carts are well-known all over global e-Commerce and can be pointed as easy-to-use and flexible solutions. VirtueMart as Joomla plugin provides unlimited content management possibilities and PrestaShop appears to be standalone platform with limits only of your imagination. You have a chance to download each of them for free and perform installation in a few minutes. Great, isn’t it?

But comparing other features that are major tools for administration the store, VirtueMart can get behind and limit some possibilities for successful business. First of all, comparing to PrestaShop management of products, inventory and clients are just basic, but with unlimited items number, related products, etc. However, when it goes to extending your business, VirtueMart doesn’t have what to suggest. PrestaShop solution provides a possibility to have more than one or two, or even three stores and administrate them all using only one back end. Also, despite multi-store feature, this platform offers an option of exporting products to eBay, the most popular place for selling goods all over the world.

Aren’t you concerned with poor VirtueMart SEO? Yes, thrid-party extensions and add-ons can save the situation but this is not a freebee at all. Considering PrestaShop, high Google ranking is ready to be supported with SEO-friendly URLs, meta tags and descriptions, Google sitemap and many other features.

Also, in cafe if you are start-up, VirtueMart’s marketing opportunities are going to satisfy you. Enjoy coupons and flexible discount systems. But when you feel that it is time to grow, loyalty program, newsletter subscription, diversity of product presentation videos and other possibilities will become essential part of your business. And which solution offers them? Right your are, it’s Presta.

All these points have become a reason to think over and consider all pros and cons of migration for one of our clients. Christophe Beau joined the long list of satisfied Cart2Cart customers after performing the switch from VirtueMart to PrestaShop.

So, have a look at his VirtueMart store before migration:

Become 800 Pound Gorilla with VirtueMart to PrestaShop Migration [Showcase]

And that’s the new look of the same store after switch to PrestaShop:

Become 800 Pound Gorilla with VirtueMart to PrestaShop Migration [Showcase]

The effect is obvious, so being thankful and fully satisfied with the whole migration process performed by Cart2Cart, Christophe Beau left such a testimonial for us. Short and simple:

“Migration successful. Very professional technical support, great team work.”

Therefore, now you explore one more example how migration can transform your store and expand its business potential. If you have some doubts about data transfer, try our Demo Migration that doesn't cost a cent. Go ahead to changes!