osCommerce to Magento Migration. Feel the Difference [Showcase]

A lot of e-merchants are not really sure about the necessity of store migration. Most of them hesitate because of possibility to face a result they weren’t expecting for. Sure, it is really interesting to know how your store is going to look like on another platform. In order to overcome your fears we offer you to check how migration from osCommerce to Magento with Cart2Cart affected a real life store.

The latest statistics show 45% of shopping cart switches are performed to Magento. Which is quite obvious in today’s e-Commerce world where Magento has 26% of market. One of our recent clients from Jade Mine store decided it’s time to move on and transfer his osCommerce shop to a new Magento platform. We offer you a possibility to look how the store has changed and evaluate the effect of data migration with Cart2Cart on your own.

Here you can see how osCommerce store looked before migration:

osCommerce to Magento Migration. Feel the Difference [Showcase]

And here it is! A new Magento store!

osCommerce to Magento Migration. Feel the Difference [Showcase]

Feel the difference? Sure, you do, its Magento - one of the most recognized names in the e-Commerce sphere. It is a shopping cart with unlimited store management opportunities along with eye-catching design and lots of room to grow. That’s why so many merchants wish to become owners of Magento shopping cart. For this reason Cart2Cart is here to help and perform effortless data migration and as a result, move your store new level of development.

Here is what our customer say about migration with Cart2Cart:
“We very much appreciate your great support while moved our Oscommerce site to Magento. The process, support and follow through was fast. The help in moving the products with attributes over with the variants combination was very important to us, and that was met by your support team. I would definitely recommend this service to others. Thank you again, you have saved us a great amount of time, and our cart is up almost immediately after migration.”

Still have doubts or some question regarding migration from your current shopping cart to a new one? Feel free to contact our Support Team which is always happy to help you. So, don’t hesitate any more and start your osCommerce to Magento migration right now!