Dropshipping is all the rage now. It is an easy and lucrative online business to start in 2022. All you need is an eCommerce store, products to sell, and a supplier to take care of your orders. Since you don't need to keep inventory, this kind of business is virtually free to start.

The tricky part is finding the best Amazon dropshipping products. This article should help you with that.

What are the best sellers on Amazon dropshipping?

To find out what the best-sellers are for dropshipping on Amazon, you can consult Amazon, AliExpress, or Etsy to see what sells best in the niche you are interested in. Under each niche, identify what products are the best seller according to the number of items sold. To find out which of those products are in high demand, consult Google Trends.

You can also turn yourself into a product research ninja by using software specifically for this purpose. You can use software like Helium 10, SellerApp, AMZScout, and others that help you find the best Amazon dropshipping products.

Here are ten of the best products for Amazon dropshipping.

Women’s Clothing

Women's clothing is always on trend and in high demand. It is a huge product category, which lets you decide on one or two niches to focus on.

Women’s Clothing

Dropshipping women’s clothes is a profitable business and it’s projected to grow, but it is highly competitive, so it's important to what is selling from season to season.

Baby Products

You can't go wrong with a dropshipping business that sells baby products. Baby products are in high demand and the niche has many diverse products you can sell, including baby monitors, mini nebulizers, baby carriers, newborn baby wrap blankets, nappy backpacks, and newborn photography props.

Baby Products

Baby Monitor

Modern young parents are tech-savvy and concerned about safety. It's a great product that most young parents will be looking for because it will give them peace of mind while they work or are busy with other duties.

Baby Monitor

Couple Unisex T-Shirts

Matching unisex T-shirts for couples has been on trend for a while now. It's a product that is often searched for online. You can market it under Gifts for Couples, or Essential clothing for Travel. Google Trends confirms that couple of unisex T-shirts remain a top trending dropshipping product.

Couple Unisex T-shirts

Gaming Headsets

Gaming is hugely popular and gaming headsets are in high demand. Make sure you trade in quality products, though. Gamers demand superior sound quality.

Gaming Headsets

Since this is an essential item for gamers, they are prepared to pay a premium for the best gaming headsets. Fortunately, it's possible to source gaming headsets in bulk, which allows you to play around with the pricing.

Baby Carrier

Parents are always looking for comfortable baby carriers that keep their baby safe and keep the parents' hands free so they can continue with various tasks that need to be done. The hipseat baby carrier is the latest on-trend product in this niche because it is very comfortable for both babies and parents. In fact, the product has stayed on trend for more than five years.

Power Tool Accessories

Online searches for power tool accessories are spiking and global sales are increasing. It started during the pandemic when people were stuck at home and started doing home improvement projects.

Power tool accessories in high demand include power drills, impact drivers, circular saws, polishers, and sanders.

Laptop batteries

Another effect of the pandemic has been an increase in remote working. Remote workers are often in a situation where they need a backup laptop battery on hand in order to be able to continue working. You can source different laptop batteries at reasonable prices from Alibaba.

People have endless problems with laptop batteries that don't last. If you can figure out a target audience to solve this problem for, you have a viable dropshipping business.

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Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are a perennial best-selling online product. The global bridal wear market is expected to keep growing with a projected value of $69.9 billion by 2026.

The term "wedding dresses" gets 2.24 million searches per month, which shows the popularity of this product. This is a visually-appealing product that lends itself to promotion on social media platforms via photos and videos.

Ring Lights

Ring Lights have become a popular dropshipping product in the time of YouTube stars and content creators on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Ring Lights

These are available in different shapes and sizes for different purposes and can be sourced in bulk from A, and you can easily source them from Aliexpress and Alibaba.

What niches are the most profitable in dropshipping?

The most profitable in dropshipping are:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Baby products
  • Tools
  • Car accessories
  • Pet supplies
  • Beauty products
  • Fitness & sports
  • Home décor
  • Health & personal care
  • Gaming accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Home Office Accessories
  • Kitchen tools
  • Crafting items

What dropshipping products will be in demand in 2023?

There are no official predictions for 2023 yet. However, it is not difficult to imagine that most of the top niches will still remain popular for the foreseeable future.

When thinking about dropshipping products that will still be in demand in 2023, products that fall in the following categories are contenders.

  • Useful products that sell for less than $10.
  • Products that are difficult to find anywhere else.
  • Innovative products are never seen before.
  • Life improvement products.

One unique product that is also a life improvement product is multifunctional water bottles with a built-in compartment for pills or supplements. This product serves a specific need for several demographics, from athletes and health-conscious consumers to people who need regular medication, and the elderly.

The pet niche is hugely popular with merchants and pet owners, so this market is already saturated, but it always has room for a useful product that can improve a pet's quality of life. One such product, which is still relatively unknown, is the pet water bottle. Dog lovers will love this product and it's still a relatively unknown product, making them perfect for a dropshipping business.

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