how to set up WooCommerce store

So, you've successfully migrated your online store data to WooCommerce (possibly - with the help of Cart2Cart). Now it's high time to start configuring the newly-established store to begin selling goods asap. Read carefully, because we are about to provide you with tons of useful info on how to handle the WooCommerce platform right after the transfer is over!

Adjust your brand-new WooCommerce store

General Settings

First off, go to WooCommerce → Settings. In the General settings tab, you'll have to indicate your store's address, selling /shipping locations, configure customer addresses, enable taxes and coupons. Also, make sure you set up the default currency of your online store.

how to set up WooCommerce store

Configure Products

Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Products → General to configure checkout settings, select measurement units, enable/disable product reviews and ratings.

how to set up WooCommerce store

Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Inventory to edit inventory options. In this tab, you can enable and configure stock management, notifications, etc.

how to set up WooCommerce store

Configure Taxes

    1. To enable taxes, go to the Settings section in the WooCommerce admin panel.

how to set up WooCommerce store

    1. In the General tab, tick the Enable tax rates and calculations box and click the Save changes button. how to set up WooCommerce store
    2. Next, go to the Tax tab (it will be visible only if you've enabled taxes). Select one of the options that will suit your store best:

Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax.

No, I will enter prices exclusive of tax.

These settings should be based on the tax jurisdiction of your store's location.

The Supreme Guide to WooCommerce Store Setup: Post-Migration Tips

  1. Once done, don't forget to save changes.
  2. In the Tax tab, go to the Standard rates section and fill in all the tax-related data. Alternatively, you may import data concerning taxes applicable to your country/ region.

how to set up WooCommerce store

Set up Shipping

It's about time to configure your shipping options. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping. Add the necessary shipping zones and parametrize other shipping options (.i.e., Calculation, Destination, and Debug Mode).

The Supreme Guide to WooCommerce Store Setup: Post-Migration Tips

Add Payment Gateways

To enable your store's payment options, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Payments. Here, you can configure how the available payments are displayed on the store's frontend, as well as set up the necessary ones.

how to set up WooCommerce store

More info here:

Import Data to Analytics

Analytics is a powerful tool that will help you in WooCommerce store management.

    1. To configure your data import to Analytics, go to Analytics → Settings, and choose the order statuses that you wish to exclude from the reports (the unchecked ones are included). Also, it is possible to use the preconfigured default settings.

The Supreme Guide to WooCommerce Store Setup: Post-Migration Tips

    1. Next, in the Actionable Statuses section, tick those order statuses that are to be included in the records. As an alternative, you can use the preconfigured default settings as well.

how to set up WooCommerce store

    1. Once finished, please, set the Date Range for your analytics report and click the Save Settings button.

how to set up WooCommerce store

    1. When ready, click the Start button to begin data import and wait till the system generates your report.

The Supreme Guide to WooCommerce Store Setup: Post-Migration Tips

Configure WooCommerce Store Design

Select the relevant theme yourself

The Supreme Guide to WooCommerce Store Setup: Post-Migration Tips

It is important how you present your store to clients. Therefore, make sure you choose the most appropriate theme. You've got a few options to decide:

  • A pre-designed WooCommerce theme. Feel free to download any of the available themes (both free and paid ones) from the official marketplace.
  • Storefront theme. The company offers its users an intuitive and flexible WordPress theme that is perfect for eCommerce beginners and experienced users. It's very responsive and highly-customizable.
  • Template Monster. It's a third-party marketplace offering users thousands of themes that would suit even the most exquisite tastes.

...or hire WooCommerce design professionals

If you wish to create a professionally-looking online store but have no extra time to do it yourself, consider resorting to design agencies. Here are a few leading WooCommerce design companies for you to choose from:

  • Coalition Technologies - an online firm that provides high-quality SEO & web design services.
  • Supreme Solutions - a full-service website development company with its web designers, copywriters, backend engineers, Magento developers, marketers, and SEO analysts.
  • MidKnight Genius - Web Design and Development Digital agency that specializes in building websites, driving a new audience, and creating social media campaigns.
  • Ideawebservices - custom web programming and design company.
  • Mammoth - web design & development company that specializes in making beautiful, usable, and affordable websites.
  • Roslin Design - creative web design company that provides web design, website hosting, and website management services.
  • Canesta - a full-service digital marketing agency that connects brands with people and makes every interaction count.
  • Anyware - Web & Marketing agency that assists their clients in business growth.
  • Website Design by Doug Walker - Doug Walker is a website designer specializing in WordPress design, customization, redesign, clean up, and repair.
  • Splat Graphics - company specializes in Web site design, Content Management Systems, construction of Interactive sites, database design and implementation, custom software development.
  • Ayokay - a full-service digital agency with a passion for guiding businesses to success.

Add extra functionality with WooCommerce extensions

The Supreme Guide to WooCommerce Store Setup: Post-Migration Tips

Official WooCommerce extension store has thousands of plugins to choose from. They are divided into categories according to the sphere of use: payments, shipping, marketing, store enhancements, subscriptions, etc. Therefore, to ease the process of selecting the necessary ones, we have made a list of the most popular modules.

WooCommerce Extensions to install after migration

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Digital Agencies that will help you in WooCommerce store setup

In case you lack the time and wish to configure the WooCommerce store without any delays, there are numerous web development companies available on the market today. Check out the list of the most trustworthy agencies that we recommend hiring:

  • Yanduu - an online marketing company consisting of programmers, editors, marketing consultants, analysts, and customer consultants.
  • Creative Glance - build websites based on the latest web standards providing the best possible solutions to different types of businesses (small to enterprise-sized).
  • Updivision - software development company that loves growth and helps its clients grow by providing smart digital solutions.
  • Synapseindia - company provides its clients with end-to-end IT services and solutions, including web development, design, eCommerce services, etc.
  • Elephant Room - a performance-driven digital agency that seamlessly blends technology, creativity, and marketing to accelerate eCommerce growth.
  • Whidegroup - boutique e-commerce website development company delivering e-commerce solutions that provide advanced business value to entrepreneurs.
  • XML - web development company that builds, hosts, secures, and updates websites on multiple platforms.
  • Aura Internet - designs and develops robust and interactive websites, specializes in e-commerce, and offers a range of online promotion and marketing services to maximize the impact of their customers' web presence.
  • Pixel By Pixel - global eCommerce company that provides design, development & e-commerce services.
  • - eCommerce Web design and development company providing a wide range of services to online store owners.
  • crisp digital - creative Marketing and Design agency that partners with ambitious businesses that are ready to digitally transform the way they work, creating seamless customer experiences that drive revenue.
  • Ethos Binary - a digital company that designs, develops, deploys and supports technology solutions while maintaining quality and value that exceeds standards.
  • BA Creative - digital marketing and web design firm that helps clients achieve business goals with their strategic design and development skills.
  • Insight Marketing Design - a full-service marketing and digital advertising agency with a unique insight-based approach. They offer extensive experience in creating effective messaging in all formats, allowing companies of all sizes to realize remarkable returns on their marketing investment.
  • Hipglossdesigns - IT and Web design solution specializing in website builds, repair, upgrades, and security.
  • Envision Media Web - a company with the expertise and experience to strategically plan, design, and develop an online solution from website design to search engine optimization.

Start your online trade

The Supreme Guide to WooCommerce Store Setup: Post-Migration Tips

Now you're all set to conquer the world with your brand-new WooCommerce store. We hope that this tutorial has helped you figure out some of the post-migration issues, and you've overcome them successfully.

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