Which Shopping Cart Works Best? [Infographic]
In the last few years eCommerce became a popular way to make your business. The costs are minimal and you can reach a client in any part of the world. For many people Internet trade became the easiest and fastest way to start earning money. However, while establishing a store most of merchants don’t have an idea where to start from. For instance, selecting a shopping cart software to power a shop may become a crucial decision but some of entrepreneurs don’t even know what is eCommerce platform.

Open source and hosted, free and paid, licensed and so much more solutions to choose from. It’s so easy to get confused with this wide range of options. What is the difference between Magento shopping cart and BigCommerce cart? How establishing and running Zen Cart store differs from managing osCommerce shop? Answers to these questions may help you establish successful and profitable online business.

In order to simplify your decision making process we offer you to check outstanding infographic from Visual.ly. It specifies all the beneficial peculiarities and considerable drawbacks of various shopping cart types.


Which Shopping Cart Works Best?

Now you know what is shopping cart. Moreover, infographic has revealed what are the key pros and cons of most popular options. So, think about which platform will suit your business needs best and go for it!