Provided Services: Remigration vs. Recent Data MigrationRecent Data Migration and Remigration.

The services can sometimes be confused as they are charged similarly and the process is alike - both can take place only after full migration is completed. However, the difference is crucial, so consider the comparative table.

Provided ServicesRemigrationRecent Data Migration
Type of Migration

Restart the same migration from the very beginning

Migration of only new entities

ConditionsFull migration wasn’t successfulFull migration was successfully completed

Migration issues evolved due to:

  • source or target shopping cart wasn’t set up properly
  • some fields are missing
  • migration data is corrupted

New entities appeared on your source store after the migration

Target Store Data

The service clears data on your target store

The service preserves data on target store, complementing it with new items

Source Shopping Cart Type

Available for all shopping cart types supported by the service

Available for all shopping cart types supported by the service

Price50% of current full migration50% of current full migration (based on amount of created data)

For additional information on Recent Data Migration and Remigration Services, please follow Cart2Cart contact form. For detailed prices of the migration service, checkout Cart2Cart Migration Estimator.