Remigration vs. Recent Data Migration

It goes without saying that store migration is considered to be a very detail-oriented process. There are lots of things that merchants have to take into account before making the switch (e.g., decide on a platform, weigh its pros and cons, choose data entities and extra options, etc.). Also, it is important to check the store's performance after the migration has been finished.

Even though Cart2Cart makes the replatforming as smooth as possible, it is advisable to pay attention to some of the additional services that are offered to the users.

What is the difference between the remigration and recent data migration?


Remigration and Recent Data Migration services are usually confused since they both can be launched after the Full Migration and have similar pricing model. However, the difference between them is crucial. Please, take a look at the comparative table:

Remigration vs. Recent Data Migration

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