Dispel All the Doubts with Migration Preview
Doubt and uncertainty are our two enemies that usually become real obstacles in making important decisions. However, saying “No guts, no glory” is a motto for many businessmen as sometimes it seems that without risk you are not going to achieve a lot. Online retail is also may be rolling a dice, especially when it comes to shopping cart choice. For that reason, Cart2Cart has developed a unique option of Migration Preview which can help to dispel all concerns and fears. Therefore, what opportunities does it provide and what risks can e-merchants avoid?

Migration Preview Inside Out

Dispel All the Doubts with Migration Preview

Designed for those online businessmen who are still not sure whether the platform they chose for migration is the right one, Migration Preview becomes a phenomenal helpmate. It gives a possibility to run Demo Migration, requiring no Target Store installation. Isn’t that even interesting to have a glance at how your products, customers and orders are going to look on world’s best shopping carts? And now thanks to Cart2Cart e-merchants get such chance to be convinced that they hit the nail on the head.

Cart2Cart Team presents this sensational option to move from any of 70+ supported shopping carts. At the moment this service is available for move to four e-Commerce leading solutions:

  • Magento;
  • PrestaShop;
  • WooCommerce;
  • VirtueMart;
  • X-Cart 5;
  • OpenCart.

Why Migration Preview?

Migration Preview is exceptionally beneficial and provides a list of advantages to satisfy e-merchants interests and needs. Therefore, the service brings a number of benefits:

  • Choose the most suitable platform for migration. Still wondering which solution will better suit your needs? Perform several Demo Migrations and check how your data is going to look and be managed at the best shopping carts. After making a decision you will be only one click away from a desired store.
  • Migration Preview is absolutely costless and payment has to be done only for data transfer, when Full Migration is going to be run.
  • No Target Cart Installation. You don’t have to install a shopping cart on your own to start migration. Simply enter the information about your current store and see how it is going to look at any other platform.

Are you thinking about switch to another shopping cart, but still have some doubts what platform to choose? Then you need to try Migration Preview and get rid of doubtful feelings together with Cart2Cart!