premium data migration package

When it comes to eCommerce migration, it often happens that e-merchants don’t have enough time to perform data transfer on their own, even if it is an automated migration. With that in mind, Cart2Cart Team has developed several Data Migration Packages aiming to allow entrepreneurs focus on their business running instead of taking care of the transfer issues.

Data Migration Packages Premium Data Migration Service has been intentionally developed to satisfy the needs and requirements of large-scale online business owners during the eCommerce migration process. To be more specific, let's focus on the key advantages and drawbacks associated with the Premium package.

What Does Premium Data Migration Package Include?

The Premium Data Migration Package has been developed with those end-users in mind who lack time to dive deeply into the transfer details and require special data customizations for complex migrations. The package comes packed with the following characteristics:

Premium Data Migration Service. How It Works
  • Transfer of up to 60 000 entities. The Premium Package suits perfectly for large stores since it supports migration of a huge number of products, customers, orders with all corresponding information in a totally automated manner.

  • 25 hours of technical support. This time will be dedicated specifically to your migration case. During this period of time, our tech engineers will analyze your data, check settings of your shopping carts, perform pre-migration preparation. Moreover, you will be able to identify your migration and customization requirements.

  • Additional options for free with the help of which your migration opportunities can be expanded as required.

  • Full Migration assistance guarantees accurate data transfer results. Our tech engineers are going to check your shopping cart installation, configuration, and store database. Once the migration is set for you, all you have to do is to provide access details. As soon as Demo migration is completed, you will be able to evaluate results on a target store. Finally, after the transfer is completed, we will check migration accuracy. That’s it, you can enjoy your just established store.

What about time frameworks? Your order will be fulfilled during 21 business days after receiving your request and verifying access details. Moreover, it can be done even faster, depending on the scope and difficulty of your migration case.

What Is Out Of the Premium Data Migration Package?

Premium Data Migration Service. How It Works

Despite a wide range of opportunities provided by the Premium Data Migration Service, there are fields which are out of possibilities of a package:

  1. Installation of extensions,
  2. Configuration of tax rules,/i>
  3. Migration and configuration of payment and shipping modules,
  4. installation of the Target cart,
  5. Template migration.

Still don’t know which Service Package to choose to hit the target? Our Support Team will be happy to answer all your question and help to choose a proper solution.