extended data migration package

Those online store owners who wish to leave one eCommerce solution in favor of another but don’t have enough time or opportunities to do that, may choose one of the Cart2Cart Data Migration Service Packages.

Various terms and business requirements enable users to select different packages. This post aims to focus on the most popular Data Migration Package among Cart2Cart users - the Extended one. Keep reading to discover the main reasons for such popularity.

Extended Data Migration Service. How It Works

What Does Extended Data Migration Package Include?

Extended Data Migration Service offers a pool of advantages in assistance during data migration process. Distinguishing the major priorities, let's now identify what exactly you can expect from the Extended Data Migration Service package:

  • Transfer of 20 000 entities. In case you are the owner of an online store with an extensive library of items, Extended Data Migration Service is exactly what you need. All products, customers, orders with the corresponding information will be imported to the Target store as closely as possible.

  • 10 hours of technical support. During this period of time, all necessary customizations and modifications can be done. This time will be dedicated to satisfying your specific business needs and requirements. To illustrate it, if you wish:

    1. Not to migrate categories but attach products to existing category on the Target store,
    2. Migrate products to a specified category,
    3. Change prices for a certain percentage,
    4. Migrate only those products, which are mentioned in orders.
  • Personal account manager will inform you of the migration process and answer all transfer-related questions regarding specifically your migration case.

  • Absolutely free additional options. Cart2Cart offers a possibility to expand migration opportunities and order additional options. Most of them are provided for an extra cost, but within the Extended Data Migration Package, you will get them for free.

  • Fully assisted migration process. Migration of all your data will be performed by experienced tech engineers. They will perform pre-migration validation (check shopping cart installation, configuration, version, database structure and hosting parameters). Once done, they will set up migration for you. All you have to do is provide access to your Source and Target stores. Moreover, you will be able to preview Demo migration results and give your feedback. When the Full migration is finalized, the store database will be checked and you'll be welcome to enjoy the newly established online store.

How much time it is going to take? After you’ve ordered the Extended Data Migration Service Package, our Support Team will check if the data is entered correctly. In case everything is ok, you will receive a confirmation email. The time of migration setup depends on the difficulty of customizations and modifications and may be less than 14 business days.

What is out of Extended Data Migration Package Possibilities?

Despite all benefits listed above, there are still some fields where customization possibilities are limited by specificities of the Source and Target carts. For instance, customization doesn’t include:

Extended Data Migration Service. How It Works

  1. Installation of extensions,
  2. Configuration of tax rules,
  3. Migration and configuration of payment and shipping modules,
  4. installation of the Target cart,
  5. Template migration.

If you still don’t know which package will better suit your specific business needs, contact our Support Team, and get all your questions answered.