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Does Cart2Cart support migration to WooCommerce multistore?

No, automated migrations to multistores are impossible by default.

This is due to the fact that multisites have only 1 common database and a table with the users. The rest of the tables on each store have a separate prefix.

Thus, WordPress multisite is a set of different WordPress sites, united by one common user database table.

Cart2Cart doesn’t have the necessary software to support this kind of migration. Its development is rather complicated and requires a lot of time and resources. There’s a limited number of clients, requesting migration to multistore. Therefore, we can carry out custom migrations only based on specific client requests.

Data migration to multistore requires additional research and store access credentials. So, it is possible only within our Service Packages.

To get further information, please book a consultation.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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