Things You Need to Know about MagentoMagento is familiar to everyone who deals with eCommerce. However, even those store owners who actually use this solution as a platform for their Internet stores, not always know that much about it.

We'll try to solve this problem and tell you some things you MUST know about Magento.

Magento is the most complicated, functional and elaborate platform in the world of eCommerce. If you are striving for immense success, then it’s definitely Magento that will give you everything you need to achieve it. Magento grows fast, its extensions vary, its community expands. Magento is also an open source solution, which gives you quite a space for modifying and customizing the cart according to your own needs.

The ultimate place to find out about Magento is the official website Magento Connect is the catalogue of all the extensions produced by Magento developers and the partners of the platform. Another useful place is Magento Community Forum.  This is where you will find information, advice and help. The forums work on end giving you the opportunity to share your experience and find answers to the problems you are stuck with. Apart from that, there exists a huge variety of useful websites and blogs, created by Magento development specialists that will provide you with a good deal of useful tips, latest news and extension overviews. However, another side of the medal consists in the absence of the actual support, so you may have to wait an eternity for somebody to answer your question.

The pleasure of using Magento is quite expensive. The fact that community version is free and the commercial version - comparatively cheap has its deceiving effect on the clients. The thing is, you will never handle Magento without any additional extensions and the help of Magento development specialists. And that’s where the real expenses start. Hiring an IT-specialist requires quite a lot of money as the demand for them is always high.

Moving to Magento is not an easy step. If you think that your previous experience with other eCommerce platforms will be very helpful while installing Magento, you are very much mistaken. Be ready for failures at the beginning. Be prepared to spend much time and energy on implementation.

There are always innumerable resources for getting new experience and knowledge about Magento. You can visit any of the events organized by Magento developers in different countries of the world. Check the upcoming Magento conferences like Magento Imagine eCommerce, Bargento, Meet Magento. Remember: it doesn’t matter that your business is absolutely online. Meeting successful businessmen and interesting people is the most exhilarating experience that will vastly contribute to your development.

Magento in figures

  • 2008 - the year when the world found out what is Magento. Since its appearance on the market the solution started growing at an unprecedented speed and soon became a leader of eCommerce world
  • over 180 providers sell Magento all over the world
  • over 375 (180) employees work in Magento company all over the world
  • more than 5000 downloads of the solution are performed each day
  • over 2000 extensions were developed by different Magento developers
  • around 100 000 stores are created on the basis of Magento eCommerce platform
  • more than 375 000 people are the members of Magento Community
  • $25B is the yearly cost of company’s transactions

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