Moving an Online Store from OpenCart to Magento a Brief Show OffOpenCart offers a high level of functionality out of the box, intuitive control panel and will perfectly suit small or medium sized business. Magento provides completely higher level of flexibility through its modular architecture. User-friendly admin panel offers strong marketing and managing tools. It is completely scalable to fit unlimited number of products. Thousands of extensions are available to meet any customer requirements. Store owners, who have strong coding skills can customize their store design or create a new template from a scratch. That is why users wish to port from OpenCart to Magento.

Usually vendors decide to move from OpenCart to Magento because current platform does not meet their requirement, but data transfer seems to be a complicated task. Check the Prezi below to see the most comfortable way to move the store with no efforts in a few hours.

To conclude, e-Commerce is very fast growing sphere, and when current platform can’t fulfil your needs, it is a high time to change it. Now you know how to switch to another shopping cart in a most convenient way. If there still are some questions, you can contact our Support Team.