Why Magento Is Now World Leading e-Commerce Solution [Infographic]

No doubts, Magento is a leader in today's e-Commerce world. It was founded in 2008 and nowadays powers more than 150 000 online stores. It is far ahead of many shopping carts and has conquered the biggest market share. A lot of people are in question “How did Magento do that?”.

Recently, PEEXL has posted an infographic with a detailed description of the main core advantages that led Magento to worldwide recognition and popularity. After looking through it you will:

  • understand main Magento’s benefits;
  • know the secret why Magento has become more popular than osCommerce;
  • find out key features that will help your store keep running.
Furthermore, you will be able to evaluate economic impact of using Magento cart. You will see calculations on 3 year risk-adjusted cost and benefits including ROI, payback period, total costs and benefits and net present value.
Why Magento Is Now World Leading e-Commerce Solution [Infographic]

Now you know core Magento advantages and understand why a lot of store owners decide to migrate from osCommerce to Magento. Cart2Cart can help you to handle this issue and transfer all products, orders and customers automatically.