storeden Import

Tired of being a retailer, developer and web designer in one? Storeden has joined the list of the platforms supported by Cart2Cart to get you rid of the headache! What’s your task? Focus on sales, Storeden - your one-stop solution - will take care of the rest.  

From now on, you can easily transfer the data from any of the 80+ shopping carts to Storeden. Moreover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with robust functionality and well-designed interface. When in doubts, try 15-day free demo and be clear!

Storeden Import

The first thing that’s to be mentioned: Storeden is a SaaS (Software as a Service), in other words, with this vendor, you can have the eStore up and running as hassle-free as possible.

As for support, if you get in trouble when setting up your Storeden shop, the platform can provide technical assistance via 4 different channels: fulfill a contact form, schedule a call, look through an online guide or submit a ticket.

Looking for marketing tools to drive traffic to your website? Increase conversions and boost sales using discount coupons, sales for specials promotions, link them to the specific categories, brands or customer groups, advertise gift cards, tack abandoned cards, send automated follow-ups, monitor and verify data through the detailed sales reports.

Are you stuck with security, hosting and regular updates? Just chill out, Storeden covers all this stuff and keeps your store up-to-date. Everything here was developed to manage your hosting, safeguard the security of users and push updates simultaneously and automatically.

What data can you migrate?

  1. Products (Product information, e.g. Product Title, Description, Model, Created Time, Modified Time, Available, Weight, Quantity, Default Price, Special Price, Tax Class, etc.);
  2. Product images;
  3. Related products;
  4. Product tags;
  5. Product categories;
  6. Manufacturers (Information about the manufacturer of each product in the store database, e.g. Name, Description, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.);
  7. Manufacturer images;
  8. Taxes (Details about the type of taxes assigned for products, e.g. Name, Value, Value Type (percent or exact value in default currency), Created Time, Modified Time, etc.);
  9. Customers (Information about each customer, e.g. Email, Login, First Name, Last Name, Company, Birthday, Phone, Fax, Active, Created Time, Modified Time, etc.);
  10. Customer Billing Address;
  11. Orders (General information about the orders made by customers, e.g. Customer, Customer Info, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Currency, Status, Totals, Created Time, etc.);
  12. Coupons;
  13. Reviews;
  14. Blogs (Info and details about shopping cart built-in blogging engines, including their Title, Descriptions, Meta info, SEO URLs, hierarchy, relations, Images, etc.);
  15. Blog Posts (Text content pages within your blog, including such info as Title, Description, Meta info, Rags, Created/Modified Time, SEO URLs, Author info, Images, Comments, etc.);
  16. Multiple Languages.

The list of transferable entities is followed by the available additional options, including:

  1. Clear current data on Target Store before Migration;
  2. Skip product thumbnail images migration (Cart2Cart’s recommendation);  
  3. Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions (+$49);
  4. Strip HTML from a category, product names, and descriptions;
  5. Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store (+$29).  

Try Free Demo to get new eCommerce experience with Storeden Import.