The End Crowns the Work: Cart2Cart’s Birthday Special is Over
Cart2Cart’s birthday celebrations are coming to an end and we would like to summarize all the pleasant moments that have been making these days. Our social network giveaways were held successfully and decided those lucky winners of free automated migration. In addition to this special, many e-merchants used an exclusive opportunity to get a nice discount for the Data Migration Service Packages and still can take an advantage of it. We hope you have really enjoyed our generous presents!

5-year old shopping cart migration service has shared the fest of happiness all out during last two weeks. Our two great gifts were presented as a possibility to perform free automated switch and Basic Data Migration Service Package with $50 off and Extended Data Migration Service Package with $100 off. Not a secret that many e-merchants have used these possibilities gladly and fully enjoyed Cart2Cart’s birthday with us. This birthday special is not over and busy online businessmen have a chance to use a discount for our Data Migration Service Packages during June.

Therefore, our Birthday Special giveaways have been run on 3 most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Web store owners participated in the drawings actively having a strong desire to win a free automated migration. So, the winners of Cart2Cart’s birthday giveaways have become:

Congratulations, our dear clients! Enjoy the celebrations and be a step closer to your dreams!

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Best Regards,
MagneticOne Team