Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Using Migration Insurance

Awesome news! Henceforth, you can insure your transfer and perform remigration in a few clicks buy your own. With Migration Insurance you get an opportunity to restart your migration if needed. You will definitely have Plan “B” in a case of trouble.

Cart2Cart offers an opportunity to insure your migration and restart the same data transfer again. Migration Insurance plan can be selected after Demo migration and will cover the remigration costs if you will need to repeat the same data transfer. Simply login to your account and restart insured migration in a few clicks.

What are the common reasons of remigration the store data?

  • Incorrect store development after migration;
  • Store data was modified by 3rd-party extensions;
  • Bugs during shopping cart installation process, etc.
All of this mistakes are unpredictable and you never know when you will need to perform the same transfer again.

That is why we have created Migration Insurance that helps you to save your money and offers the following benefits:

  1. Migration Insurance helps to avoid worries about different unforeseen situations and results that can appear. If something is wrong, one click is needed to restart the migration.
  2. You can restart migration a couple of times during determined period accordingly to the Migration Insurance plan you’ve selected. Furthermore, there will be no need to contact Cart2Cart Support Service Team for this task.
  3. Migration Insurance saves your money. Comparing to Remigration Service, that is provided for 50% of your total, Migration Insurance will cost you from 9 to 13% of data transfer price.

So, don’t waste your money and insure your data migration in one mouse click.