Moving from Bigcommerce to OpenCart - Real Life Experience [Interview]
Shifting shopping cart systems, especially from one type to another: e-Commerce plugin to independent platform or hosted to self-hosted cart may become a frustrating issue. Retrieving data, fighting the difference in database structure, deploying results, etc. However, Cart2Cart always strives to make complicated things easier. Check a short interview with one of our clients, Shirley Hodges, an online store owner who shares her experience of migration from Bigcommerce to OpenCart with Cart2Cart.

- Shirley, could you tell a few words about your company and the reasons that pushed you to switch from Bigcommerce to OpenCart?

- Old company name is/was Stone Hill Creek (soon to close shop). Items in that store were transferred to a self-hosted ecommerce platform where they'll be disaggregated into 3 separate niche stores: Sewly Buttons, Sewly Crafts, and Stone Hill Books.

- Are there any special motives that led you to chose Cart2Cart for your store migration?

- The primary reason I opted for Cart2Cart was to ensure an accurate transfer of the stores products (well over 4000 items). A major concern for me was the product images and Cart2Cart assured me in advance there would be no problem transferring all of the data. And they were 100% correct... ALL of my images are safe and sound (I have over 14k images... that's ALOT to lose if something went amiss!!).

- Could you highlight your experience of data migration with Cart2Cart?

Several things stand out in my mind:

1. Having a personal account manager (Nataliya Dyachuk) assigned to me was absolutely awesome. I was able to develop a terrific one on one relationship with her and she handled all of my questions and concerns with the utmost professionalism. Goodness knows I probably pestered her to death but she never made me feel like it was any trouble! Five stars for Nataliya!!!

2. The support staff behind the scenes were able to deal with several small issues quickly and efficiently... and even though I never had a chance to deal with any of them directly, they're fantastic, too!

3. The online migration status is fantastic. I really liked being able to see instantly where things stood with the transfer.

4. The initial demo of 10 items is also an excellent idea... and was invaluable in working out all the little "kinks" before we did the entire product base

- What is the major value of Cart2Cart, in your opinion?

- Major value? When you have an online store with in excess of 4000 items, an unimaginable amount of time was involved in taking photos, writing descriptions, creating meta data, etc etc etc. Being able to transfer all of that hard work to a new site... and have it done with 100% accuracy? I can't even begin to calculate what that's really worth to me (including the peace of mind that all my hard work is safe and sound going forward).

- Would you recommend Cart2Cart for other merchants to use?

- Oh my goodness, yes!!! My developer/designer for my new stores has also added Cart2Cart to her "bag of tricks". She often has new clients who are moving from one ecommerce solution to another, and moving data is always a concern. She's got first-hand experience now with what a great resource Cart2Cart is for getting data transferred efficiently and accurately! Kudos to the entire Cart2Cart Team!!!

Shirley’s store is now almost ready to open, only a few finishing touches are left to do, and it will soon be available at Cart2Cart Team is absolutely happy to have a hand in another successful re-platforming and says: Thank you Shirley for your kind words! We couldn’t imagine a more optimistic, positive and outstanding client than you!