JooCart to VirtueMart Migration Service

Perform a painless 4-step transfer with Cart2Cart and migrate JooCart to VirtueMart ecommerce database, like products, customers, orders, categories, etc. in the most straightforward and 100% secure way.

Supported versions: VirtueMart 1.x (migration from only), 2.0-3.x, 4.0.2

Automated migration

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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Automated Migration

Data Migration Service Package

Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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Benefits for Store Owners

Ecommerce Agencies

Benefits for Ecommerce Agencies

What data can be
migrated from JooCart to VirtueMart

Clear Target Store data before migration

Will delete all data from your VirtueMart store


Create product variants based on the combinations of options

Or the available attribute values combination

Migrate categories and products SEO URLs

Keep your JooCart URL structure on VirtueMart

Preserve category IDs on Target Store

Your JooCart category IDs will be the same in VirtueMart


Preserve customer IDs on Target Store

Your JooCart customer IDs will be the same in VirtueMart

Move images from products, categories, blog posts descriptions

Those included in the descriptions

Set products quantity to 100 on VirtueMart store

To check how the migration works for out of stock products

Migration Limitations

The design and store functionality transfer is impossible due to JooCart to VirtueMart limitations. However, you can recreate it with the help of a 3rd-party developer.

Easy migration with no tech competence needed


Transfer your JooCart data to VirtueMart with Cart2Cart and benefit from the new platform functionality

JooCart to VirtueMart Migration Service

Make the most of the quick data switch to 85+ ecommerce platforms

2 migr./ account

Cart2Cart will easily spare you of the data switch-related hassle and perform your clients' database migration at a discounted rate

JooCart to VirtueMart Migration Service

Let the pros do the job for you


Don't bother about the data import - we will move the JooCart records to VirtueMart according to your requirements

JooCart to VirtueMart Migration Service

Cart2Cart will smoothly migrate JooCart to VirtueMart store data like products, orders, customers, etc. in a few hours with zero impact on your current JooCart store performance.

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500+ reviews

Let’s figure out everything about JooCart to VirtueMart migration through Cart2Cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate languages to VirtueMart?

Cart2Cart supports multilingual migration across different solutions. Still, you should check the migrated data table above to make sure this kind of move is available for your migration case.

How can I transfer my store's customers from JooCart to VirtueMart?

To find out if the tool can transfer your JooCart store customers to VirtueMart, please review the list of transferable records. Then, simply activate the Customers checkbox while setting the switch in the Migration Wizard to indicate you’d like to move the customer data.

Is it possible to restart Demo Migration?

Yes, Cart2Cart data migration tool makes it possible for the users to restart Demo Migrations as many times as needed to different Target platforms. In order to do it - do the following:
  1. Log in to your Cart2Cart account.
  2. Navigate to My Migrations List.
  3. Find the needed migration where the demo is completed, and activate the "Continue Migration" button.
  4. Once ready, go back to the second step of the Migration Wizard "Demo Migration" and just press "Start Demo Migration" button. The Demo store data migration will start over again.

What is the cost of transfer with Cart2Cart data migration service?

The Cart2Cart pricing is flexible. The migration price depends on:
  • source platform type (the one you migrate from)
  • target platform type (the one you transfer to)
  • number of entities to transfer -namely, the count of products, customers, and orders.
You can calculate the price of your migration with Cart2Cart with the help of the Migration Estimator.

Can I try Cart2Cart for free?

Yes, the Cart2Cart database migration service offers a free unlimited Demo Migration feature (test transfer). It allows to migrate a limited amount of data entities (up to 10 products, customers, orders and other data related to them) from JooCart to your new VirtueMart shopping cart in around 10-15 minutes. When you are happy with the Demo results, you can move on with the Full (paid) transfer.

Can the migration negatively influence my running store?

Absolutely not. The replatforming process doesn’t influence your existing eCommerce cart in any way. You can keep selling as always while the data is being exported.

Do I risk losing data from my existing JooCart store after the migration?

No, your migrated JooCart store data isn't impacted by the transfer at all. In layman's terms, the data (products, customers, order history, etc.) is just “copied”(exported) from JooCart and “pasted” (imported) into your new store database.

So, the data migration process is totally safe for the store that is transferred and there is no risk of losing any of the info. We guarantee 100% uptime and data security during the migration with the help of Cart2Cart database migration tool. In other words, you can keep selling while your Source Store data is being exported to the new eCommerce platform.

Will Cart2Cart import products from JooCart to VirtueMart?

To automatically move your products from JooCart to VirtueMart, simply tick the required checkbox(Products) while setting up your migration.

How to switch orders from JooCart to VirtueMart??

To export the orders from JooCart to VirtueMart, you have to tick the necessary field (Orders) in Migration Wizard during switch setup and your JooCart orders will be imported to VirtueMart in no time.

Does the migration process interfere with my JooCart store functionality?

No, the data replatforming doesn’t impact either the speed, or the performance of your current JooCart store. The Cart2Cart migration service just “copies” the info from your JooCart store and “pastes” it into the new VirtueMart one. It doesn’t harm the store in any way, so it can run as usual.

Can I export the JooCart database to VirtueMart?

Please, complete these steps to move your JooCart webstore database from to VirtueMart:
  • Select JooCart and VirtueMart platforms from the list.
  • Select the data you want to move to VirtueMart and pick the supplementary migration options.
  • Start free Demo switch to see the service in action.
  • Launch the Full database import.

Can I migrate attributes to VirtueMart?

If you want to migrate attributes to the VirtueMart cart, we recommend you to to check the list of supported data entities above to make sure it is supported for your JooCart to VirtueMart migration prior to running the data replatforming.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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Online store owner

I had used Cart2Cart 3 years ago for a migration from OSCommerce to Joomla/Virtuemart. I struggled with Virtuemart for 3 years and am sick of it. So remembering the good job they did 3 years ago, I had them migrate my data from VirtueMart to WooCommerce. Everything went smoothly except my photos didn’t get transferred correctly. I emailed them and gave them FTP access and they got everything fixed right up. I think they went out of their way to get my stuff up and going. I will use them again when I get sick of WooCommerce unless it works like it is supposed to
Review source

From osCommerce
To VirtueMart
Online store owner

You were wonderful. Very helpful. You did the demo migration and now are doing the full migration. This is saving days of work on my part in moving the data in VirtueMart to the the new version. I have other clients that will be using VirtueMart and we will need your service for them. I will mention your service in the Joomla and VirtueMart forums.
Review source

From VirtueMart
To VirtueMart
Online store owner

This service is just great. I actually migrate my oscommerce shop to virtuemart and of course I want to keep my customers and orders. So I did decide to use cart2cart service to do that task. The result is impressive. Everything worked without any problem.

I can recommend that service to everybody. It works great.

Thank you.
Review source

From osCommerce
To VirtueMart
Online store owner

Great Solution! Excellent Support team which helped to migrate my store data from Magento to Bigcommerce in no time. Cart2Cart developed a custom solution to which helped me to Migrate my Blog Data too. I will surely use their service on my upcoming projects.
Review source

From Magento (Adobe Commerce)
To BigCommerce
Online store owner

Migration from Shopify to BigCommerce was exactly what I need it. Customers information, orders, products description and images were displayed in my new platform perfectly. Additionally, the support team were very helpful and patience while I was doing all of this process. I highly recommend it!
Review source

From Shopify
To BigCommerce
Online store owner

Working with Cart2Cart on a recent Yahoo Store to BigCommerce Store migration was a pleasure. The support was very helpful in getting to my end solution. I would definitely recommend their service for anyone looking to migrate data between these platforms.
Review source

From Yahoo Store
To BigCommerce
Online store owner

Solid work on the cart2cart migration from Magento to BigCommerce! Also, they helped me a lot for the data re-migration due to an accidental deletion on BigCommerce I definitely would recommend Cart2Cart 🙂
Review source

From Magento (Adobe Commerce)
To BigCommerce
Online store owner

I have been very happy with the service and support of Cart2Cart in migrating from an older WebAsyst based e-commerce site to a much more modern CS-Cart based one. Worked perfectly!
Review source

From JooCart
To CS-Cart
Online store owner

Very good support. They migrated our store from Big Cartel to Magento, and were very cooperative during all this process. Thank you team. I recommend them to everyone
Review source

From Big Cartel
To Magento (Adobe Commerce)
Online store owner

I have successfully used Cart2Cart to migrate products & categories from DrupalCommerce to Magento. It’s easy, affordable and they offer decent support (no I’m not affiliated with them).
Review source

From DrupalCommerce
To Magento (Adobe Commerce)