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Nowadays, many businesses that have used eCommerce solutions know the well-documented benefits. Among a wide range of software options, you can find many reasons to consider PrestaShop as desired platform. The shopping cart carries reputation of popular solution with 200,458 current users all over the world. Since nothing is ideal, the platform obtains some disadvantages. With so many aspects to compare, let’s outline the primary capabilities of other shopping carts, and define the best PrestaShop alternative to reach company prosperity.

Why to Look for PrestaShop Alternative?

Being introduced in 2007, the solution attracts small and mid-sized organizations. Prestashop offers the efficient functionality to improve business processes and grow sales. Take a look at the most important pros of the platform:

  • open source solution provides you with an opportunity to own website at no cost. You are not required the license fee to establish online shop. It is a great choice for merchants searching to start up a new online store with limited budget.
  • easy-to-use platform obtains the simple design and convenient back-end interface. You can handle the e-store smoothly with minimal technical know-how. The user-friendly interface enables you with the effortless management and maintenance of the shop.
  • customization options help you add or delete the features of solution to fit your business requirements. You can take advantage of the modules and themes from PrestaShop’s Marketplace to create unique presence of your website.
  • demographic assistance is represented by the multiple languages and currencies that make localization process simple. The online shops using Prestashop are used across Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Japan, and more. Although the support is available for only English and French, the e-shop can be translated to around 40-45 languages.

So, no matter how much eCommerce vendor hypes up the shopping cart, nothing can be absolutely perfect. You may experience the limitations, demerits or implementation issues. Speaking about the above-mentioned software, Google Trends shows that PrestaShop popularity is slowing down for past years:

prestashop alternatives

So, you can be best advised to consider PrestaShop alternative when:

  • looking for the scalable platform. Since Prestashop is designed to fit small to medium-sized stores, shopping cart is not a great idea when your business is looking to expand. The free platform can be an asset to enhance online business exposure with multi-vendor support but with limited advantages to help large or complex projects.
  • searching for more professional design. The solution offers decent model to run a startup or low-budget store but not good enough for large-scale online shops. Some users are not satisfied with poorly designed statistics systems and upgrading challenges. Besides, platform lacks the functionality to cross sell products
  • in need of the more robust capabilities. The free version includes a basic set of features that is not enough for enterprises. You will need to purchase additional modules or extensions to meet the advanced company demands and spend a pretty sum of money.
  • seeking for the official support team. Prestashop obtains only active user community with over 700,000 members who are always ready to help, yet there is no official support assistance that can become an inconvenience for some users.

If you prefer a fully-fledged store with advanced features for a large-scale project, you can analyze eCommerce market and investigate Prestashop alternatives. Let’s go through a list of the platform's counterparts, learn their functionality and discover the process of PrestaShop export.

PrestaShop Alternatives: Investigate Your Dream Platform

Since eCommerce world is overwhelmed by various options, you can get easily lost in the in the diversity of solutions and fail to select right software for replacing existing shopping cart. With the aim to simplify your task of searching for Prestashop alternative, check the following list:

Shopify: Power Business Ambitions with Efficient Cart

prestashop vs shopify

Launched in 2004, Shopify is one of the most flexible and popular platforms offering extremely user-friendly interface. With no coding skills and e-store experience required to exploit the software, it can be compelling choice beginners and experts alike, so here is why:

  • Shopify App Store is full of the extensive variety of free or paid plugins and apps that you can simply add to your shopping cart. Enhance business performance and boost platform’s functionality by choosing required add-ons among over 1,500 options. Keep in mind that Shopify integrates with Amazon and eBay, so you are able to add them as a Sales Channels in your e-shop.
  • 100+ feature-reach Shopify themes help you build impressive and professional online shop that suits your business identity. Use the customizable, bug-free and responsive themes for company branding, product database and images on site. Categorize them according to your design or product your e-store is selling.
  • dedicated support team is available 24/7 via email, live chat, and phone. The platform takes the upper hand in Shopify vs PrestaShop comparison. Take advantage of Shopify Help Center that offers you to find the answers to commonly asked questions, user guides, and tutorials. Take part in the community discussion forums and interact with other users. Learn useful insights on how to sell online with Ecommerce University offering the ebooks, webinars, video series, etc.
  • scalability matter is one of the main advantages over PrestaShop. Eliminate extra efforts from your side when the online shop grows in size with selecting appropriate plan. Choose suitable Shopify subscription to fit your business needs or test solution with 14-day trial:
shopify pricing

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WooCommerce: Customize eCommerce Platform to Boost Sales

Designed in 2011, WooCommerce is a completely customizable plugin created to integrate seamlessly with WordPress. Like PrestaShop, the platform can be efficient in handling the small and medium-sized organizations. The solution is highly flexible with a wide array of capabilities such as geolocation support, Ajax shopping cart, shipping and tax calculator, discount coupons, and the following:

  • 400+ official extensions created by the professional developers enables you to build the impressive and multi-functional website. Get the official template - Storefront or choose from completing WordPress themes that WooCommerce is compatible with and improve your business processes.
  • SEO capabilities of the solution considerably prevail over PrestaShop and recognized as one of the best solutions to enhace SEO practices. Benefit from the WordPress’s blogging features and fast speed. Integrate with the various third-party applications like Jetpack, Yoast SEO or others to optimize the website in the more timesaving and efficient way.
  • WooCommerce support policy provides you with information where you can find the answers to your queries. Benefit from assistance via email for any product purchased on or use the forums for the free. Explore the how-to documentation and video tutorials to learn more about the solution.
  • cost index is an inevitable part while choosing the desired shopping cart. Alike Prestashop, WooCommerce and WordPress are open-source and don’t cost a penny. Build your online shop for free, yet save a buck for the domain, hosting, paid themes and applications to broaden your website functions.

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Magento: Select Your Way to Commerce Success

prestashop vs magento

First released in 2008, Magento has grown its popularity among the companies of the various sizes. The platform stands out for the compelling customization and security. With Magento, you can set up the eCommerce shop easily and customize the solution to its full potential with the help of:

  • Magento Marketplace offers the world's largest selection of extensions. Explore the apps for all sort of categories starting from marketing, customer support, payment, accounting, analytics, sales, shipping, or site optimization, and more. Regarding the themes, choose among 12 themes available. Find more templates by visiting ThemeForest, and create your own Magento theme in case you have the required technical knowledge.
  • splendid web design is represented by the tons of CSS customization choices ready to use for web design. Follow Magento team hints on the latest web trends on responsive web design.
  • Magento Support is represented by the 24/7 client assistance together with the various tutorials, release information, security updates, etc. Create and maintain the efficient online store with the help of the development documentation. Register at Magento Forums to take part in the discussions with other Magento enthusiasts.
  • pricing model of the platform comprises the capabilities and tools to build the fully-functional online e-shop. Skip the worries of paying for extra plugins or support spendings if compared to PrestaShop. Check out two subscriptions offered by the platform:
magento pricing

Find out more information about the platforms in the article “Prestashop vs Magento Grand eCommerce Race 2018.”

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OpenCart: Start and Run Online Store Effortesly

prestashop vs opencart

Developed in 1998, Opencart caters the mid-sized and large online shops. The solution enables you with all necessary functionality options to run the compelling store. OpenCart stands out for unlimited products & categories, multistore support, digital goods, daily backup, and the next capabilities:

  • OpenCart Marketplace is rich in the huge variety of modules and themes to expand your business features. Investigate the comprehensive themes to cover any sector like payment providers, shipping methods, analytics, language packs, and so on. Download the templates from OpenCart Extension Store and get the themes with a possibility to customize them. Get a chance to edit code to fit e-store requirements since the solution is open-source.
  • payment modes get the stronger position than PrestaShop including cash on demand payments, live shipping quotes, money orders, discount management, multicurrency, and pricing per customer group. Take advantage of the 36 inbuilt payment methods: Klarna, PayPal, etc.
  • customer support for your project takes the lead over PrestaShop since the solution offers phone, email, knowledge base, blogs, videos, online self-serve, and request form. Participate in OpenCart Community Forum to learn more about the shopping cart.
  • OpenCart is free of charge like PrestaShop. Remember about the extra spendings on the domain name, SSL certificate, web hosting fee, paid add-ons, and others.

Learn more useful insights on the platforms in the comparison article “PrestaShop vs. OpenCart: a Constructive Dialogue.”

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BigCommerce: Sell More with Comprehensive Solution

prestashop vs bigcommerce

Created in 2008, BigCommerce is a suitable choice to satisfy the needs of fast-evolving companies. You can’t host the solution anywhere other than BigCommerce hosting. The solution contains the beneficial features required to build the comprehensive website including domain, reporting and SEO capabilities, warehouse storage, products accounting, and:

  • professionally-looking themes have the attractive design choices that can be easily customized using HTML and CSS editors. Get free and premium ecommerce templates to make designing a gorgeous, fully responsive store swiftly.
  • selection of apps and integrations provides you with an opportunity to build the robust online shop. Analyze BigCommerce Marketplace and explore everything you need: tools for marketing, inventory management, shipping, accounting and much more.
  • world-class support is introduced by 24/7 assistance via phone, email, and chat. Find answers with troubleshooting articles, and educate yourself with the video series and in-depth guides on how to grow your business. Stay informed with the latest updates by visiting the BigCommerce Community page.
  • BigCommerce cost index is fairly simple. Test the platform with the help of 15 days free trial or subscribe one of 4 paid editions to scale your growing business:
bigcommerce pricing

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Closing Thoughts

When you are planning to set up the online shop or move data to the more advanced platform, the task is to perform a deeper dig into the eCommerce market and find the most suitable shopping cart. So, take the above-mentioned information into consideration and choose the PrestaShop alternative that fits your organization objectives and needs. Get a chance to run the PrestaShop migration to the desired shopping cart with Cart2Cart automated migration service. Test the SaaS in action and run a free Demo Migration right now!