5 Benefits That Make OpenCart Rock

In the online environment, every e-merchant has to discover e-Commerce solutions in order to choose the best one. Among the variety of available shopping carts, OpenCart is recognized as one of the top-end solutions that combines flexibility, simplicity and multi-functionality. This comparatively new platform in less than a few years managed to conquer extreme popularity among both e-Commerce beginners and gurus. So, let’s take a closer look at the biggest OpenCart benefits.”

1.Simple Store Setup

5 Benefits That Make OpenCart Rock

Straightforward set up process is one of the major OpenCart benefits. Platform was developed with users in mind. Not only tech savvy store owners, but even non-advanced merchants can easily create a shop. So, you don’t need to hire a developer and be confident to DIY. You can launch an online shop in 4 simple steps:

  1. Install OpenCart.
  2. Choose one of the wide range of OpenCart themes.
  3. Add products and fill-in product details.
  4. Configure functions and modules like languages, payment and shipment methods.

That’s it! Now you are ready to receive orders and sell products. As you can see, the process of installation is quite easy and doesn’t require technical knowledge.

2. Performance and Usability

5 Benefits That Make OpenCart Rock

Site speed is one of the key points that affects customer’s shopping experience. OpenCart shopping cart is lightweight e-Commerce solution that uses AJAX technology in order to reduce load time and thus increase store speed.

OpenCart admin panel is simple to use doesn’t require too much time to get through the learning curve. As a result managing store is as simple as a pie. On the other hand, shopping cart provides a possibility to use numerous features to increase usability for clients: one page checkout, smart site structure that simplify shop navigation, handy search, etc.

3. Multi-Store Functionality

5 Benefits That Make OpenCart Rock

OpenCart supports multi-store function, which allows to manage several different stores from one admin panel. What does it mean? You will be able to:

  • Set up customer groups for each store. This function provides a possibility to have some stores for retail customer and another for wholesale.
  • Localize each store for different countries by setting different default currency, language and tax class.
  • Use different themes for divers shops.
  • Manage single inventory for multiple stores, etc.

4. Price

5 Benefits That Make OpenCart Rock

OpenCart is an open source and free shopping cart. The installation cost is equal to zero. Comparing to other shopping carts, maintenance expenses are really low too. Virtually any kind of hosting is suitable for OpenCart and will cost only a few dollars per month. You will be able to easily handle store management and customization on your own, so there will be no need to hire a developer. Moreover, you are able to choose between free themes or pick paid one for exclusive design.

5. Features and Extensions

5 Benefits That Make OpenCart Rock

OpenCart is a platform well known for its high level of functionality. There is wide range of in-box features. Furthermore, shop owners are able to expand store possibilities with the help of numerous (7000+) extensions.

  • Multiple tax zones. OpenCart provides a possibility to setup multiple tax zones, so taxes will be paid depending on a country, where goods will be bought and shipped to.
  • 23 payment gateways set by default and additional ones in the OpenCart extension section.
  • With advanced report system store owners are able to calculate the total amount of sales per day/week/month. Moreover, you will have a possibility to track which products customers are most interested in.

Now you know main OpenCart benefits, but it doesn’t mean it is equally good for anyone. Shopping cart will be a perfect solution for small or middle sized online stores. Multi-functionality, rich features and easy administrative process will definitely bring your store to new competitive edge. However, if you happen to plan to perform a switch from your current platform -- from Magento to OpenCart, for example -- leave your doubts behind and get started with a completely free Demo Migration!