Shopify Migration

Satisfied clients are the number one priority for each self-respecting company. Being on the market for more than 10 years, Cart2Cart strives to comply with your growing needs and requirements. We constantly introduce new migration modules that ease the switching process and make the transfer even more comfortable.

Today, we’re happy to expand our partnership with Shopify and present you with the just-released Shopify Migration Apps: Cart2Cart Wix Import, Cart2Cart Magento Import, Cart2Cart OpenCart Import, Cart2Cart PrestaShop Import, and Cart2Cart WooCommerce Import. These apps have been created to minimize the time and effort spent on store’s data migration to Shopify.

Cart2Cart apps allow transferring the following data entities from your current platform to Shopify in no time: products, product categories, manufacturers, customers, orders, blogs/blog posts, reviews, multistore, CMS pages, etc. (make sure you check the details for your specific source and target platforms on a dedicated migration page, e.g., Magento to Shopify).

Moreover, the Cart2Cart team has developed some of the additional options that assist in expanding migration capabilities. Therefore, you can migrate your current store’s customer groups into customer tags, categories - into Shopify Automated Collections. Also, it is possible to save your old store SEO URLs, and keep them working on Shopify, redirect the previous products and categories URLs to the ones on your new store, etc. This will help you keep your links in search engine results working and minimize the SEO impact after the switch.

Automated migration has proved to be one of the most popular and easiest ways to transfer your store across platforms. Thus, by installing our Shopify Migration Apps and following the simple steps of the Migration Wizard, store owners will be able to safely move to Shopify just within a few clicks and no business interruption. Furthermore, they will get full access to all the Cart2Cart’s functionality and receive 24/7 customer support.

To download the abovementioned apps, please visit the Official Shopify App Store, choose the app you need, and test our service in action by launching a Free Demo.

P.S. Your opinion on our products and services really matters, so it would mean a world to us if you review our apps once you try them. Let’s keep growing together!