osCommerce to Zen Cart Migration Service

Perform an easy 4-step setup to migrate osCommerce to Zen Cart data, e.g., products, customers, orders, etc. and establish a brand-new online store without any coding skills and no current store downtime.

Supported versions: osCommerce 1.2.x - 1.5.x

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Zen Cart In 3 Steps?

Connect your Source & Target carts

Choose osCommerce and Zen Cart from the drop-down lists & provide the stores’ URLs in the corresponding fields.

Select the data to migrate & extra options

Choose the data you want to migrate to Zen Cart and extra options to customise your osCommerce to Zen Cart migration.

Launch your Demo/Full migration

Run a free Demo to see how the Cart2Cart service works, and when happy - launch Full migration.

Automated migration

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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Automated Migration

Data Migration Service Package

Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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Benefits for Store Owners

Ecommerce Agencies

Benefits for Ecommerce Agencies

What data can be
migrated from osCommerce to Zen Cart

Clear Target Store data before migration

Will delete all data from your Zen Cart store


Create product variants based on the combinations of options

Or the available attribute values combination

Preserve category IDs on Target Store

Your osCommerce category IDs will be the same in Zen Cart


Preserve customer IDs on Target Store

Your osCommerce customer IDs will be the same in Zen Cart

Move images from products, categories, blog posts descriptions

Those included in the descriptions

Set products quantity to 100 on Zen Cart store

To check how the migration works for out of stock products


Choose all the extra migration options and get 40% off their total Price

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Migration Limitations

The design and store functionality transfer is impossible due to osCommerce to Zen Cart limitations. However, you can recreate it with the help of a 3rd-party developer.

Simple transfer with no tech skills needed


Move your osCommerce database to Zen Cart with Cart2Cart and benefit from the new platform functionality

osCommerce to Zen Cart Migration Service

Profit from the quick data switch to 85+ ecommerce platforms

2 migr./ account

Cart2Cart will easily spare you of the data switch-related hassle and carry our your clients' database migration at a reduced price

osCommerce to Zen Cart Migration Service

Let the pros do the job for you


No need to worry about the data migration - we will move the osCommerce database to Zen Cart according to your requirements

osCommerce to Zen Cart Migration Service
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Let’s figure out everything about osCommerce to Zen Cart migration through Cart2Cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is multiple language transfer to Zen Cart possible?

Cart2Cart supports multilingual migration across different carts. Still, you should look up the migrated data table above to see if this kind of move is provided for your migration case.

Is it possible to export customers to Zen Cart?

To determine if the tool can transfer your osCommerce store customers to Zen Cart, please consult the list of transferable data. Then, simply tick the Customers checkbox while setting the import in the Migration Wizard to indicate you’d like to move the customer data.

Can I retry Demo migration?

Yes, Cart2Cart data migration tool allows the users to restart Demo Migrations as many times as needed to different Target platforms. In order to do it - do the following:
  1. Go to to your Cart2Cart account.
  2. Step to My Migrations List.
  3. Find the appropriate migration where the demo is finished, and press the "Continue Migration" button.
  4. Once ready, get back to the second step of the Migration Wizard "Demo Migration" and simply click "Start Demo Migration" button. The Demo database transfer will start over again.

How much does the data migration service cost?

The Cart2Cart pricing is flexible. The transfer cost depends on:
  • source platform type (the one you move from)
  • target platform type (the one you move to)
  • amount of records to move -namely, the count of products, customers, and orders.
You can calculate the cost of your transfer with Cart2Cart using the Migration Estimator.

Can I try Cart2Cart for free?

Yes, the Cart2Cart database migration service provides a free unlimited Demo Migration feature (test transfer). It allows to transfer a limited number of data entities (up to 10 products, customers, orders and other data related to them) from osCommerce to your new Zen Cart eCommerce platform in around 10-15 minutes. When you are satisfied with the Demo results, you can move on with the Full (paid) transfer.

Can the migration negatively influence my running store?

Absolutely not. The migration process doesn’t harm your existing eCommerce cart in any way. You can go on selling as usual while the data is being migrated.

Do I risk losing data from my existing osCommerce store after the migration?

No, your migrated osCommerce e-store data isn't influenced by the transfer at all. Basically, the data (products, customers, orders, etc.) is just “copied”(exported) from osCommerce and “pasted” (imported) into your Zen Cart store database.

So, the data transfer process is totally secure for the eCommerce website that is transferred and there is zero risk of losing any of the info. We guarantee 100% uptime and data security during the migration via Cart2Cart database migration tool. In other words, you can keep selling while your Source Store data is being exported to the new shopping cart.

Will Cart2Cart import products from osCommerce to Zen Cart?

To automatically import your products from osCommerce to Zen Cart, simply tick the needed checkbox(Products) while configuring your migration.

Can I migrate osCommerce orders to Zen Cart?

To move the orders from osCommerce to Zen Cart, you have to tick the necessary block (Orders) in Migration Wizard during migration setup and your osCommerce orders will be migrated to Zen Cart shortly.

Does the migration process interfere with my osCommerce store functionality?

No, the data replatforming doesn’t harm either the speed, or the performance of your existing osCommerce e-store. The Cart2Cart migration service just “copies” the data from your osCommerce e-store and “pastes” it into the new Zen Cart one. It doesn’t harm the e-store in any way, so it can run as usual.

How to transfer the database from osCommerce to Zen Cart?

Please, follow these steps to export your osCommerce e-shop database from to Zen Cart:
  • Select osCommerce and Zen Cart platforms from the list.
  • Specify the data you want to import to Zen Cart and pick the supplementary migration options.
  • Begin free Demo switch to see the service in action.
  • Commence the Full database import.

Is it possible to transfer attributes to Zen Cart?

If you want to import attributes to the Zen Cart platform, we advise you to to check the list of supported data records above to make sure it is supported for your osCommerce to Zen Cart migration prior to starting the data replatforming.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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Delegate the job to the highly-skilled migration experts and get the job done.

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Choose Package

To calculate your osCommerce to Zen Cart migration price, click the button below. The migration price varies in accordance with the number of data types and the additional migration options selected.

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Online store owner

Cart2Cart has served me well over the years migrating from OsCommerce to ZenCart to Magento and now to OpenCart. It’s really the fastest, easiest way.

Thanks guys!
Review source

From osCommerce
To Zen Cart
Online store owner

I had a client who had a lot of items in a Yahoo Store. We needed to move it out of there and move to Zen Cart. The migration was extremely easy and we were very happy with our service.
Review source

From Yahoo Store
To Zen Cart
Online store owner

Just wanted to say what a fantastic service this is. Saved me hours of work and helped me to transfer my products and attributes to CS Cart from Zencart.

The support provided is also fantastic and helped me sort out my issues very quickly. I will be using this service again and highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a lot easier than messing about with Easy Populate and CSV files.

Thanks again for this great service and top notch support
Review source

From CS-Cart
To Zen Cart
Online store owner

Great plugin and very helpful and responsive support.

The plugin’s just great, it works so well. I used it to migrate users from OSCommerce to Magento2 and it worked so well. Thanks, Cart2Cart team. You guys are doing a great job.

Review source

From osCommerce
To Magento
Online store owner

Cart2cart worked good the first time I used it years ago to go from my old osCommerce site to Pinnacle Cart, I am now using it again to go from Pinnacle Cart to Shopify. Although URL redirects and some custom options would be nice. It gets the basic job done and frees up a lot of manual data entry.
Review source

From osCommerce
To Shopify
Online store owner

I had used Cart2Cart 3 years ago for a migration from OSCommerce to Joomla/Virtuemart. I struggled with Virtuemart for 3 years and am sick of it. So remembering the good job they did 3 years ago, I had them migrate my data from VirtueMart to WooCommerce. Everything went smoothly except my photos didn’t get transferred correctly. I emailed them and gave them FTP access and they got everything fixed right up. I think they went out of their way to get my stuff up and going. I will use them again when I get sick of WooCommerce unless it works like it is supposed to
Review source

From osCommerce
To VirtueMart
Online store owner

I recently hired Cart2Cart to migrate a very complex set of data from osCommerce to WooCommerce. I had them move over 30,000 items and 16,000 customers. Cart2Cart did an amazing job for me. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to migrate their website. Thank you Cart2Cart!
Review source

From osCommerce
To WooCommerce
Online store owner

Cart2Cart is absolutely amazing! I migrated an old oscommerce shop to Woocommerce and everything went really smoothly saving me hours of work. Their support is also first class and always happy to help.
Review source

From osCommerce
To WooCommerce
Online store owner

We were working on a migration from OSCommerce to WooCommerce. Very simple process and save us hours of work. Migrated Products, Brands, Customers, and orders. Great service!
Review source

From osCommerce
To WooCommerce
Online store owner

Brilliant…I needed to migrate from oscommerce to Prestashop and Cart2cart made it so very easy. I was doubtful at first so I ran the on-line demo which put me at ease as it so worked well that I went to the next stage and migrated the entire shop. Completed in minutes, no need for any support just followed the simple on-screen instructions and that’s all there was to it. Thank you it was worth every penny
Review source

From osCommerce
To PrestaShop