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Why to Choose Cart2Cart?

Accept No Compromises

Cart2Cart has the fullest list of categories available for automated transfer. Retrieve and import every bit of your old store in a couple of clicks.

Automate Complicated Process

Complex eCommerce information export has been simplified to a few steps. Setting up data import via Cart2Cart is easy and requires no tech skills.

Save Time & Money

Automated approach to Magento switch will help to save time and business resources. Import via Cart2Cart will help to spend the business resources smartly.

Play Safe

We understand how vulnerable the information nowadays is and have vast experience since 2009 in data migrations. Cart2Cart knows how to move your data accurately and keep it secured.

Get Help 24/7

Contact Cart2Cart Support Team on any migration-related issue. Join a live chat, contact us via phone or email. Any time we are ready to respond immidiately!

Continue Selling

Still think you’ll need to make a pause? Don’t lose your customers and remain available all the time. 100% uptime for the Source Cart guaranteed.

Data You Can Import





Product variants






Multiple languages



Downloadable products

And other data

Save Time and Resources

times easier & faster
than importing data manually

times more reliable
than custom scripts

times less expensive
than hiring a dev agency

How Much Magento Import is Going to Cost?

Delegate Magento Import to Cart2Cart Team

Your new store requires peculiar customizations? There are no limits for Cart2Cart tech team. Tell us your requests or reach out to Support Manager to investigate the switch. Click to check the plans offered to buy the service and minimize time and efforts.

What Our Customers Say

Getting Started is Easy


Specify Source and Target carts

Select the platform you export data from and choose Magento as your Target. Fill in both websites URLs.


Choose entities to be imported

From the drop down list select the eCommerce categories you’re willing to import to Magento and extra options to enhance import functionality.


Lauch Free Demo

Demo is a smart way to check the accuracy of the automated import and enables transferring limited amount of data. Get the results in 30 minutes!


1. What impact will data transfer have on my current store performance?

No, there is no interference in the current store performance. Your customers can continue creating orders as usual. Information on your source cart will remain untouched as we duplicate the data to Magento store.

2. Will Cart2Cart import images to Magento store?

Definitely yes. You’ll be able actually to import product, categories, and manufacturers images to your new Magento store. Besides, migration of images in descriptions of products, categories and blog posts is possible as well. Just select the extra option while setting up the migration.

3. How can I keep my old URLs working?

While moving eCommerce categories to Magento we suggest selecting two extra options “Create the 301 redirects on your target store after migration” and “Migrate categories and products SEO URLs”. This way you’ll minimize the impact on SEO after the transition.

4. What is Recent Data Migration and when should I use it?

After the data import you might need some time to cope with design or hosting issues before going live. You can take advantage of Recent Data Migration and add fresh data to the Magento store. More info

5. Is it possible to migrate customer passwords during Magento import?

Yes, it is. To import the passwords to Magento you’ll need to install free Cart2Cart plugin and choose additional option while setting up the switch. Both are free of charge. Click for details

6. Can I import information in different languages to Magento?

Sure. While switching to Magento you can import store entities in multiple languages. Explore the full list of shopping carts where multiple languages export is supported.

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We'd love to hear from you!

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