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Cart2Cart is a unique service which will help you as well as your customers to perform quick, accurate and effortless migration to your shopping cart!

How can your customers benefit from migration with Cart2Cart How can your Team benefit from cooperation with Cart2Cart

Free migrations.

You can get a coupon code with 100% discount and provide it to your customers.

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You purchase coupon codes with a significant discount and provide them to the customers. As an example, you buy $100 coupon code with a discount 20% and pay only $80. When customer gets a coupon, all migrations that cost less than $100 will be absolutely free for them. Otherwise, if migration price exceeds $100, customer have to pay the rest of the sum only.

Get a fraction of revenue.

Create page on your site, which will lead customers to Cart2Cart site and get paid for doing so.

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All you have to do is to create a landing page, which will lead to Cart2Cart site. (we can provide you with all needed info including texts, visuals, etc.) All customers, who came from your site and performed full migrations will be calculated, and you will get a paid a a certain amount of money, depending on the number of clients your brought us.

Great discounts.

Buy coupon codes with a great discount and give them to your customers.

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You can get a number of coupon codes with a partial (fixed or %) discount on your clients’ migrations. You buy them with a discount and provide to the customers. They apply them for their migrations and pay the rest of the sum only. You can track the usage of these coupon codes from your account.


Use Cart2Cart as an invisible tool for migration to your shopping platform.

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There are 2 variants of such cooperation:

  1. We will provide you with a dedicated instance of the service that performs migration to your cart only. Migrate your clients’ data without even mentioning Cart2Cart. You will be charged with a fixed monthly fee without any limits as for the number and size of migrations. This solution will be most cost-effective if you expect over 100 migrations monthly.
  2. On your site you create a page like “Switch to Your Shopping Cart Name” with a form where clients can contact your Support team or other focal person. After that, a focal person will have to take all needed information and special requirements from a customer and order one of Data Migration Service Packages on our site. In such occasion, our team will perform migration for your customer providing all necessary customizations.

Convenience for your clients.

Your customers will be able to migrate right from your site without even mentioning Cart2Cart.

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We will provide you with a dedicated instance of the service that performs migration to your cart only. All service functionality will be available at once right from your site. It will give customers a sense of security without external service.

Discounts for migrations.

You can get a number of coupon codes with a partial (fixed or %) discount.

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As our partner you will be able to get up to 30% discount depending on a number of performed migrations. Loyalty program is pretty simple and is explained in the following table. Fixed discount is available as well and can be calculated according to your special requirements.

Cross marketing campaigns.

We can give discounts to your customers on the occasion of your shopping cart Birthday/release of a new version/holidays, etc.

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Is your shopping cart celebrating a Birthday or other feast? Let’s celebrate together! We can cooperate and organize a cross marketing campaign with discounts/special offers/giveaways for your customers. Such promo activity will engage your existing or potential customers and encourage them to migrate to your platform.