Hosting Provider

A lot of customers who want to migrate their shopping carts wish to change hosting as well. Those may become your customers!

Probably there were clients, who wanted to move from a current hosting to yours as well as migrate to a new shopping cart. Having no solution for them you’ve probably lost them. Cooperation with Cart2Cart will help you to keep each and every customer.

What are your benefits?

  • Lower сosts for customer involvement. Number of your users will be increased and audience expanded
  • With Cart2Cart you can offer twice more functionality to your clients: hosting services and migration to the e-commerce solution they wish
  • If you provide maintenance service for several shopping carts, Cart2Cart will simplify the upgrade procedure and enable you to perform migration to those platforms
  • Offering migration services you will get a unique competitive advantage, which will help to stand out from other hosting providers
  • No program fees or certification requirements

Possible scenarios:

  1. Use Cart2Cart as an “invisible tool” to provide your clients with all-in-one solution and migrate their current shopping cart data to shopping carts running on your hosting. Cart2Cart will ensure you an access to a dedicated instance of the service that performs migration to any of 70+ carts.
  2. We offer you to get a discount, which will depend on amount of performed migrations. Loyalty program is very simple and will be explained to you in details by our support team.
  3. We are open to cooperation and if you are interested in any other kind of collaboration, we will gladly listen to your ideas.

How to become a partner?

  • 1. Submit Partnership Request
  • 2. Get your permanent migration discount
  • 3. Perform migrations for your customers