Loaded 7 migration Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Loaded 7 is a free open source shopping cart that offers outstanding opportunities for creating and managing online stores.

Loaded 7 may seem to be a new name in eCommerce however it’s not. Being a successor of such prominent solutions like CRE Loaded and Loaded Commerce the platform inherits all the best features and provides a huge variety of new ones. Some of the most prominent innovations that will provide your shop with competitive edge include :

  • adaptive core design that will help selling mobile
  • rich default functionality with hundreds of features
  • intuitive interface that makes eCommerce simple even for a beginner
  • opportunity to manage a store from a mobile phone
  • absolutely free to download

Cart2Cart is now official Loaded 7 Migration Partner! Strong cooperation between two leading solutions made migration to Loaded 7 even more effective, secure and affordable.

Migration to Loaded 7