Maximizing Efficiency with Smart Update: Tips and Tricks

What Is Smart Update?

One of the key benefits of cart migration tools like Cart2Cart is that it allows businesses to continue as usual amid the migration. So, while your store is being transferred to another platform, you don't have to close shop; you can continue doing business.

There is just one problem with this scenario: what happens to new orders, sales, shipping requests and payments that happened during the migration? What happens to this data, since it's not being transferred with the rest of the store?

After the full migration is completed, it takes time to set up the new store and get it ready for business. While your team is busy with this, your old store keeps operating, generating more orders, and sales, and acquiring more customers. The data generated by these activities is recorded in the old store and needs to be moved to the new store.

So, all in all, if your business is doing well, there will be a lot of new entities stuck in the old store.

This is where Smart Update comes in. If migrating with the Cart2Cart migration service, you can use the Smart Update feature to update data related to business that was conducted while the store was being transferred.

Basically, Smart Update:

  • Scrutinizes data fields in both stores.
  • Finds the differences and immediately updates the new store.

For example, let's say that a customer places an order on the old shopping cart during or after the store migration. With the Smart Update feature, the migration software notices the new order and transfers only that order to the new cart, rather than transferring all orders again.

Understanding the Smart Update Function. Key Features & Benefits

Smart Update is an important feature of shopping cart migration software, and its key functions and features include the following:

Incremental Data Transfer

With Smart Update, your store data can be transferred incrementally. In other words, only changes made to the data on the old cart after the initial migration are transferred to the new cart. This helps to reduce the amount of time and bandwidth needed for the migration process.

Automatic Data Mapping

Data that has to be transferred correctly between the old and new shopping carts must be mapped correctly. Cart2Cart's Smart Update also includes mapping and matching functions that help ensure data is transferred accurately and correctly between the old and new carts.

Customizable Update Settings

With Smart Update, users can customize the settings for data transfer and synchronization, such as when updates should occur, the data types to transfer, and which data should be transferred first.

Overall, the Smart Update option by Cart2Cart holds many benefits for merchants.

  • Saves time and reduces the risk of data errors during the migration process.
  • Ensures data on the new shopping cart remains up-to-date with changes made on the old cart during the migration process.
  • Eliminating errors and saving time makes for an efficient and smooth migration process.

How Much Does Smart Update Cost?

The shopping cart migration tool, Cart2Cart, offers Smart Update for free. Customers can use the feature for free and as many times as they need within the first month after the Full store migration.

Final Recommendations

In summary, if you want an efficient and accurate store migration, consider Smart Update for your shopping cart migration. This option will ensure that only changes made to the data on the old cart after the initial migration are transferred to the new cart, eliminating unnecessary data transfer, which wastes time and money.

If you are planning to migrate your shopping cart to another platform, consider using the shopping cart migration tool Cart2Cart. It offers a smooth and accurate transfer of your entire store, with enhanced efficiency enabled by its free Smart Update offering.