e-Commerce Service Provider

Are you a representative of custom development company, web design agency, freelancer or just a person who provides shopping cart setup and management services? If the answer is “Yes”, we have something special for you.

Get up to 30% discount and put the power of Cart2Cart to work for you.

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How it works for you?

  • Dealing with a limited number of carts? With Cart2Cart you can offer much wider opportunities and immensely increase your services list. Only imagine: you can not only provide development services for 2-3 shopping carts, but also suggest an easy and comprehensive tool for migration to any of these solutions.
  • For instance, your potential customer has a store on osCommerce and is not opposed to the idea of changing it to Magento, which you support. They will get all the services in one place: easy and straightforward migration from osCommerce to Magento and then - all kinds of development and support services you provide.
  • Of course, you could start doing that programmatically and waste long days or even weeks on data transfer. With Cart2Cart you can avoid that step and do the job in several hours. Your customer won’t necessarily have to know what tool you’re using.
  • You can use Cart2Cart as white-label migration solution. It will be an invisible tool to move your clients’ data without even mentioning Cart2Cart. We can provide you with a dedicated instance of the service that performs migration to your cart only or take into account your specific requirements.

More benefits from Cart2Cart

  • Your Personal Account Manager who will help you out with all the questions you have
  • Exclusive High-Priority Support
  • Constant updates of the service - when a new version of a shopping cart is released, it takes Cart2Cart minimum time to support it
  • No program fees or certification requirements

How discount will be calculated?

Cart2Cart partners can get a discount in accordance with the number of performed migrations. Loyalty program is pretty simple and is explained in a following table
Partner Discont Program
1 performed migration5% discount
5 performed migrations10% discount
10 performed migrations15% discount
15 performed migrations20% discount
20 performed migrations25% discount
50 performed migrations30% discount

How to become a partner and get a discount?

  • 1. Submit Partnership Request
  • 2. Get your permanent migration discount
  • 3. Perform migrations for your customers