Cart2Cart Affiliate Program is aimed at establishing full-time partnership with power affiliates. As our fellow affiliate you receive 20% 2-tier commission by simply directing traffic to Cart2Cart service. To make your affiliate experience with Cart2Cart worthwhile, we put our expertise, knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Follow these basic step-by-step procedures to become a Cart2Cart Affiliate.

Step 1 - Get Started

Get yourself familiar Cart2Cart functionality and its service. As our affiliate, you are going to receive 20% commission from our service partnership.

Step 2 - Know The Rules

By putting forth an educated and sincere effort, and following the main affiliate program requirements on your part, we can both look forward to a profitable partnership. Therefore, make sure you study all the main fundamental principles of Cart2Cart affiliate program here and follow the following ground rules:

  • In order to receive payouts, you must have a PayPal account or accept Credit Card payments online
  • If you are located in the US, be ready to include your Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID when performing your account registration. If you are located outside of the US, enter “International” in the field asking to enter your SSN
  • If you refer traffic yourself, you will NOT receive any credit for that

NOTE! All participants caught violating or attempting to circumvent the basic rules of the affiliate program will have all their credit voided and will not receive payouts. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in Cart2Cart affiliate program.

Step 3 - Set Up Your Affiliate Account

Register your affiliate account here.

  • You will receive instant e-mail confirmation about your account registration  
  • Every affiliate application is reviewed manually, hence in 1-2 business days your account will be approved and you will receive an e-mail with your User Name and Password

Using the provided user name and password, log in to your affiliate account. Now you can navigate your settings.

  • Home page displays your traffic overview for the day entered and the same month, including the number of impressions, clicks, the amount of sales and the overall commissions
  • Getting Started page will lead you through each part of your Cart2Cart affiliate experience
    • You get to know the main Promotion Tips to increase the traffic and gain more profit
    • Advanced Tracking system includes additional options Advertisement Channel for tracking, as well as Sub ID tracking
    • Advanced DirectLinks tracking allows you to link directly to our website without changing your URL parameters
  • Promotion page allows navigating your advanced promotion Campaigns
    • Operate your available Banners & Links, filter each tool by campaigns, ad channels, choose from the variety of options your banner type
    • Ad Channels allows tracking your promotion campaigns using advertisement channels. You can create a new channel using the described parameters
    • Advanced Tools are designed to help you out with promotion campaigns and protect your affiliate links. Simply use Affiliate Link Protector to prevent anybody from stripping off your affiliate ID from the link. Refer people to our affiliate program with Sign-Up Sub-affiliates and earn credit for their earnings. Link Tracking allows tracking every link placing using additional parameters
  • Reports page provides with an access to operate the advanced report tools
    • Quick Stats gives a quick overview of all tracked events - impressions, clicks, sales, commissions for selected time period
    • Trends Report displays your transaction trends in a dedicated chart to track your affiliate progress
    • Commissions section outlines the list of commissions for your affiliate transactions detected by the system
    • Raw Clicks presents the outline of traffic referred by you
    • Payouts to Me is made to help keep track of the overall financial credit received, including the detailed history of payouts
    • Subaffiliate Sale Stats represents the data report for your sub-affiliate sales statistics
    • Tree of Subaffiliates section consists of the list of all your registered sub-affiliates
    • Channel Stats Report gives a report of overall channel performance statistics defined in your banners
  • My Profile page gives access to operating your affiliate personal and payment details, e-mail notifications and control panel themes
  • You can directly request additional help and support from your affiliate manager sending a message via Contact Us page
  • Navigate your control panel themes via Panel Settings page

Now you have set up your affiliate account. As soon as you are finished operating your account settings with the above mentioned tools, you are ready to experience your affiliate experience with Cart2Cart to the fullest.

Step 4 - FAQ

Visit our FAQ page to get instant answers to some questions that might come up. Make sure to contact our leading specialists for assistance.