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Cart2Cart  I used Cart2Cart to migrate from standard Zen-Cart to Magento (, with about 100 simple products, and all wen very well. I was very pleased with the process and outcome.Cart2Cart
Eddie C

What kind of entries should I use to pick up correct Support Package?

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To choose the proper Support Service Package you need to calculate the number of entities (products, customers and orders) on your current store and compare it with the number of entities that includes every package.
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Cart2Cart  The migration was easy to set up and get running. Excellent service and support.Cart2Cart
Date Written: 30 March 2012
Roberto Tevar
Cart2Cart  Cart2Cart service is amazing! Khrystyna Soliar amazing and helped me migrate my Prestashop to Shopify easily!Cart2Cart
Date Written: 07 August 2015
Alvin Ooi


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