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Cart2Cart  I think the system is very polished, very easy to use, well done. An excellent system with a simple process and great documentation, would recommend it for anyone that requires migration from one store to another. Cart2Cart
M. Reside

What kind of entries should I use to pick up correct Support Package?

To choose the proper Support Service Package you need to calculate the number of entities (products, customers and orders) on your current store and compare it with the number of entities that includes every package.

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Cart2Cart  Thank you very much for your help with the migration, it was perfect! I'm sure you'll hear from us again in the near future for more work. Cart2Cart
Date Written: 25 April 2013
Michael Bullimore
Cart2Cart  We have migrated from creloaded 6.4 to shopping cart. the Cart2Cart migration is outstanding. Provided quicky and easy transfer of our customer, catagories and products in minutes... thanks for the ...  Cart2Cart
Date Written: 15 November 2011
Basat Khalifa