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Cart2Cart  I have just completed a migrations using your system and I would like to congratulate you on the excellent service you provide. You have built a great application and you also have excellent prices. You have just ... Cart2Cart
Andrei S

What kind of entries should I use to pick up correct Support Package?

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To choose the proper Support Service Package you need to calculate the number of entities (products, customers and orders) on your current store and compare it with the number of entities that includes every package.
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Cart2Cart  Did my first migration a couple of days ago. Went from Creloaded 6.4 B2B to the latest version of WooCommerce. The bridge files were easy to setup to transfer information from one site to the next. Cart2Cart website ... Cart2Cart
Date Written: 30 August 2013
Joe V.
Cart2Cart  Oleg (support manager) has been very accommodating to our needs and has delivered an outstanding service, even at the weekend he works to satisfy your requirements. Cart2Cart's interface is excellent, very ... Cart2Cart
Date Written: 07 July 2009
Linda Harrington


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