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Cart2Cart  After using oscommerce and creloaded for years, it was time to switch to something better. After lots of research and compairing webshop systems we finally decide to switch to PRESTASHOP. Reason: it's fast, modulair, ... Cart2Cart

BigCommerce to Magento


Decided to move on and port your BigCommerce to Magento?

You decided that your current BigCommerce shopping cart doesn’t allow you to use as many customization features as you need? You want to migrate to more flexible Magento, but worry about difficulties during data transferring? Use Cart2Cart and migrate your products, customers and order easily and securely. You have to pass a simple setup and get a brand new Magento store with all your data.

Migration EstimatorStart the BigCommerce to Magento migration

What Data Migrated

Additional Options
Delete current data from the Target Store before the migration
Preserve order IDs on the Target Store (+$49)  
Preserve customer IDs on the Target Store (+$49)  
Strip HTML from category and product names
Migrate images from products descriptions and categories descriptions (+$49)  
Migrate categories and products SEO URLs (+$59)  
Skip product thumbnail images migration
Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store (+$19)  

Migrating FROM:  product options are not supported.
Migrating TO:  During the migration to Magento, images with .bmp extension will not be migrated correctly. Downloadable products are migrated as simple products (w/o files transfer).

How Much It Costs

You can calculate the cost of migration with Migration Estimator. This tool allows you get the cost of migration depending on the quantity and kind of entities you want to migrate. The price also differs depending on the type of shopping carts you want to migrate between.

How It Works

Watch step-by-step video tutorial on how to perform shopping cart data migration with Cart2Cart and just in five minutes you will be ready to complete full data transfer from BigCommerce to Magento.

How Bigcommerce to Magento migration helped our customers

Karen Rzepecki

Karen Rzepecki

Bigcommerce had some problems with shipping functionality and selling wholesale. Thus, we decided to move to Magento. Our developer has used Cart2Cart before. The data transfer was very easy. We hope to go live soon and can't wait to use the new system!

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Want to minimize your time and effort expenditures?

You may also use Cart2Cart Support Service Packages. This opportunity will be useful for those, who don’t want to perform the migration by themselves or don’t have enough time for this procedure. If you choose Support Packages, Cart2Cart Team will set up migration for you and take care about customization.

Cart2Cart takes care about security of your personal information. If you want to know more about our Privacy Policy, you may read it here.

Is It Reliable? YES!

  • Data is migrated with no downtime for your current BigCommerce store
  • Separate dedicated server started specifically for your store migration process
  • More than 11,000 successful migrations performed since Cart2Cart launch in 2009.
Start the osCommerce to Magento migration

Customer Testimonials

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Cart2Cart  Thanks! ...Just the tool we needed to move to another shop after problems with Tomatocart.Cart2Cart
Date Written: 21 February 2012
Robert -
Cart2Cart  Excellent interface with fascinating web 2.0 features. Serious work, also the people behind this are very nice providing a fast response service. As a web developement engineer experienced in building e-commerce ... Cart2Cart
Date Written: 13 May 2011
Wadii Elmajdi


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