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How It Works
Cart2Cart - Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service

Cart2Cart gets data from source store and maps it to target store. Key points:

  • 100% uptime for source store
  • dedicated Amazon server for each migration
  • data transferred via secured SSL connection

The process is quite simple and won't take much of your time!

Get The Estimates
Migration Estimator

You can get the Estimated Cost for your data migration. The cost of migration depends on:

  • number of products/customers/orders
  • source shopping cart type
  • target shopping cart type

Taking into consideration all the above requirements you get the exact pricing for your store migration.

Start Up Now!
Start Up Now!

To get started with your migration right away, make sure to:

We recommend to take Quick Demo Tour and estimate cost before you start the migration.


Latest News

    Hey hey! Today is a great day when Cart2Cart Team is willing to make your day with great news. Our developers have worked up a sweat and improved the process of migration for WooCommerce, OpenCart and VirtueMart platform. Due to these enhancements we offer a new pricing. More and more e-merchants turn to Cart2Cart service to perform migration from one shopping cart to another. They enjoy the benefits of an automated process and facing no difficulties together with expenses of time or money. There is no wonder why over 11 000 vendors have already entrusted their database transfer to our service. Considering these facts our clients give us the motivation to be better and to improve the functionality of migration process
    Hello to e-merchants who are always in search of the best migration opportunities. We have a new portion of great news for you. Finally, Cart2Cart is ready to present the result of deep development - migration of Customer Groups. Henceforth, merchants get an opportunity to map customer groups from Source Store to those that will be displayed on a Target Store. That is another step forward to bring you the highest quality service. If you were aware of migrating your current platform to a new one, that is a high time to change your shopping cart using unique possibilities. This feature will organize customers on a Target Store after transfer and will make new store management much easier.
    Thousands of merchants have faced Magento Go shutdown bravely and are already on the look out of worthy solution. February 1, 2015 is going to be the day when the platform stops its existing, so till that date the users have to migrate and settle a new shopping cart. However, transfer procedure may seem to be a scary dream with a set of unpleasant consequences. Therefore, Cart2Cart and Promodo have decided to release those businessmen from stress and to provide superb suggestions - extended migration possibilities and free SEO consultations. It is going to be enough for slight and successful switch!

Customer Testimonials

July 05th, 2014
  Went through 5 years of sheer and utter hell with Zen Cart. Decided it was time to make the migration to another cart so I went with Cart2Cart based on the recommendation of a colleague. There was an issue with the ... 
Sassy Angel Sexy Lingerie
June 30th, 2014
  So easy! I recommend it. Technical support so good.
June 26th, 2014
  At the beginning of the migration there were some small problems of data, immediately resolved by the staff; the final work is as perfect as we wanted it.
Fabrizio Aureli

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