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Cart2Cart Services

Cart2Cart is a unique online shopping cart migration tool providing a variety of services centered around the establishment of your successful online store business handling. Either you are looking to move your store to a more progressive shopping cart or the latest version of your current cart, Cart2Cart is exactly the solution you need!

The services provided by Cart2Cart include automated store data migration, target cart installation service, recent data migration service, etc. If you have a question, we will be happy to provide with the answer. Make sure to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on all matters concerning Cart2Cart services.

Data Migration Service Packages

Cart2Cart is developed with customer in mind. We want to save your time, minimize efforts and ensure the best quality service. That is why we offer several “all inclusive” Support Service Packages. Cart2Cart Team will perform data migration for you, providing all the necessary customization and supporting you on each step of migration.

Purchase the Support Service that suits you best and let us take care of your store migration!

Basic Support ServiceSupport Service - Basic



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  • Migration of up to 1 000 Entities
  • 5 hours of Technical Support
    • Personal Account Manager
    • Migration Customization
    • Free Additional Options
  • Migration Assistance
    • Pre-Migration Validation
    • Migration Setup
    • Preview of Demo Migration Results
    • 1 remigration within 7 days after Full Migration
    • Migration Results Validation

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Extended Support ServiceSupport Service - Extended



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  • Migration of up to 20 000 Entities
  • 10 hours of Technical Support
    • Personal Account Manager
    • Target Cart Installation
    • Migration Customization
    • Free Additional Options
  • Migration Assistance
    • Pre-Migration Validation
    • Migration Setup
    • Preview of Demo Migration Results
    • 1 remigration for 14 days after Full Migration
    • Migration Results Validation
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Premium Support ServiceSupport Service - Premium


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  • Migration of up to 60 000 Entities
  • 25 hours of Technical Support
    • Personal Account Manager
    • Target Cart Installation
    • Migration Customization
    • Free Additional Options
  • Migration Assistance
    • Pre-Migration Validation
    • Migration Setup
    • Preview of Demo Migration Results
    • 2 remigrations for 21 days after Full Migration
    • Migration Results Validation
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Ultimate Support ServiceSupport Service - Ultimate
  • Migration of over 60 000 Entities
  • 50 hours of Technical Support
    • Personal Account Manager
    • Target Cart Installation
    • Migration Customization
    • Free Additional Options
  • Migration Assistance
    • Pre-Migration Validation
    • Migration Setup
    • Preview of Demo Migration Results
    • 2 remigrations for 1 month after Full Migration
    • Migration Results Validation
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Recent Data Migration Service

Recent Data Migration ServiceIt sometimes happens that you haven’t had a chance to finish setting up your target store right after your successful shopping cart migration with Cart2Cart and in the meantime you have new entities coming to your source store. In this case you can request Recent Data Migration Service and Cart2Cart will migrate all the products, customers and orders (or only those entities you select) that were added to your source store since the last performed migration. You can use this option as many times as you need.

The cost of Recent Data Migration Service is calculated as 50% off the migration price for the number of entities during standard migration. In other words, if you need to additionally migrate up to 1000 products, 500 customers and 500 orders, the cost of your additional data migration will be $24.5, since the standard migration of that number of products, customers and orders is $49.

Additional options are also available with Recent Data Migration service. The price of additional options remains the same as during standard migration. However, Preserve order IDs option is not available for Recent Data Migration.

  1. Recent Data Migration service doesn’t allow to update items and synchronize stock on your target shopping cart, it only adds new entities from the source store to your target store catalog. If you require product update, we recommend you to use File2Cart service.
  2. It is highly recommended to put your online store activity on hold until recent data migration is completed. Do not clear data from source store and add to target store when recent data migration is performed.

For additional information on your Recent Data Migration Service, please follow Cart2Cart contact form. For detailed prices of the migration service, checkout Cart2Cart Migration Estimator.

In case, you’ve ordered Data Migration Service Package, which was successfully completed some time ago, you can still order recent data migration. Such service requires additional customizations and that’s why will be calculated in a different way. For more details look through our FAQ.

Remigration Service

Remigration ServiceRemigration Service is provided in case you need to implement your store migration all over again. This happens in case the source cart or target cart wasn’t set up properly, some fields are missing before, during or after the migration, the migrated data is corrupted because of some additional configurations implemented on the target store after the standard migration, etc. In these cases you can request Cart2Cart to do the migration all over again.

Keep in mind that to be able to implement remigration, Cart2Cart will need to clear all the data that was migrated into your target store during the initial migration. Data clearance is provided as an additional option during the remigration process. Apart from that, remigration can only be implemented if your source and target stores URLs and the types of shopping carts are the same the ones you’ve made migration to and from during the standard Full Migration.

The cost of Remigration Service is calculated as 50% off your new Full Migration. In other words, if your Full Migration cost is $100 then your Remigration will cost only $50.

Read more about Remigration vs. Recent Data Migration. To request for Remigration Service, please contact Cart2Cart support center.

Request Remigration

Migration Insurance Service

Remigration ServiceWhat Is Migration Insurance?
It sometimes happens when you need to restart migration all over again: during the post migration store development data might be modified and you need to remigrate it, source or target carts were incorrectly installed, data was corrupted with 3-rd party module at your shopping cart, etc. Since you can’t predict all the circumstances that may happen in future we offer you an opportunity to insure your migration and get a possibility to restart the same migration.

Why Migration Insurance?
Migration Insurance offers you a number of benefits:

  • No need to worry about unforeseen circumstances - your migration is insured and can be restarted in a few clicks.
  • Save money - insurance price ranges from 9% to 13% of total data transfer price while ordering Remigration Service will cost you 50%.
  • Minimize time expenditures - restart migration on your own without contacting us, spending time on separate payment, etc.

Please Note:
  1. Source and Target Store URLs and shopping cart types should be the same as once used during your initial migration.
  2. Migration Insurance doesn’t allow you to enable Additional Options that weren’t included during the initial migration on your own. You will have to contact our Support Team to make it possible. Moreover, each extra option is charged separately.
  3. You will have to clear all the data that was moved to your Target Store after initial migration. Data clearance is provided as a free Additional Option. Since this process is irreversible we highly recommend to backup your data. Find more info about why this option is mandatory.

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost of Migration Insurance vary from 9% to 13% of total data transfer price and depends on the time and number of restarts you would like to make. You will be able to choose the most valuable for you option at Migration Wizard right after the Demo Migration.

Migration Insurance
Migration Insurance
Migration Insurance
Number of Migrations+1+2+3
Insurance Period7 days14 days60 days

For more information about Migration Insurance you can check this page.

Migration Preview Service

Migration Preview ServiceWhat is Migration Preview?
Migration Preview is an option designed specially for those merchants who are not sure about the shopping cart they want to migrate to. It allows to perform Demo and Full data transfer even without having a Target Store installed. With Migration Preview you will be able to check how products, customers, orders and other information from your current shop are going to look on another platform. Right after that our tech team will migrate all data from your current store to a new one for free.

Migration Preview is currently available for the following shopping carts:
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • VitrueMart
  • WooCommerce
  • X-Cart 5

How It Works?

  • It is free! The service itself doesn’t cost a cent, you only pay for data migration. You can calculate how much the migration is going to cost right here.
  • It’s simple as ABC - you only have to choose migration to Cart2Cart’s test store at Migration Wizard while configuring your data transfer and we will automatically install required shopping cart and run a migration.
  • Migrate to store with a responsive template already pre-installed. Note that the template is available only in preview and you will have to pay additionally to deploy it at your store.
  • Cart2Cart’s test shop will be live for 3 days after Demo Migration. You will be granted with administrator access credentials. So, you can check the result and proceed with a Full Migration.
  • What’s next? After Full Migration is completed Cart2Cart Tech Team will move the data for free from your current shopping cart to a live Target Store. If you don’t have it installed our techies can do it for you. Moreover, since Migration preview is powered by InMotion hosting, you don’t even have to look for hosting provider. Stay with inMotion hosting and you will get assistance with domain switch and even have a discount.

Within 7 days after Full Migration all the data will be deleted from our test shop.

So, if you are tired with your current shopping cart but feel unconfident about changing the platform simply try Cart2Cart’s free Migration Preview. It allows to see how your data is going to look and be managed at Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and other popular shopping carts

Migration from Cart to .CSV

Migration from Cart to .CSVCart2Cart service provides the option of exporting data from shopping cart to .CSV file. It allows to retrieve products, categories, customers and orders to .CSV from more than 40 popular eCommerce platforms. The option has a number of benefits. It helps to optimize work with store data, transferring catalog into convenient and flexible .CSV format. This gives you opportunities of easy data processing, storage and management. The option also saves time for generating .CSV file and helps to avoid errors connected with data loss or data duplication

To perform the procedure of data transfer to .CSV file you should first of all register Cart2Cart account. Then login and start your migration. You are required to provide the source cart type, and store URL. Providing a target cart type choose the Cart to .CSV file option.

The cost of option depends on the quantity of items that are to be exported. The final cost can be calculated beforehand with Migration Estimator feature.

Before proceeding with full store migration to .CSV, it is strongly recommended that you perform Demo Migration first. Cart2CSV option gives you a chance to export a few entities for absolutely FREE. Go ahead and start free Demo migration to check the service functionality and enjoy the benefits of Cart2Cart right now.

Migration from Database Dump

Migration from Database DumpCart2Cart provides an option for you to migrate data from your database dump. This type of migration is provided for additional cost that is provided apart from the overall cost of your shopping cart migration.

Note, Cart2Cart supports migration from the database dump of supported carts. To request migration from your database dump, please contact Cart2Cart support center.

Request Migration
from Dump

Target Cart Installation Service

Target Cart Installation ServiceHaven't got your target shopping cart installed yet? Cart2Cart Team can handle this for your! To make your migration process as smooth and effortless as possible we offer you the following opportunities:

1. Target Cart Installation within your current hosting. Our tech engineers will investigate your hosting environment and shopping cart requirements to see if they are compatible and then install the necessary platform. In case if your current server deosn't work with required eCommerce solution we will provide a set of recommendations on how to resolve this issue.

2. Target Cart Installation within any required hosting. Want to set up your target store within any other hosting than your source cart is placed? We will explore this hosting enironment and follow the same procedure as in the first case.

Request Service
Target Cart Installation

Additional Store Management Services

Additional Store Management ServicesMagneticOne, the developer of Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration Service, provides multiple software solutions and service for easy and effective management of your online store. Go ahead and checkout how we can make it easier for you atMagneticOne Store.

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Cart2Cart  Those guys respond fast. They have managed to extract all product from a database with encoding problems. Will work with them again!Cart2Cart
Date Written: 15 December 2010
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Cart2Cart  This service is just great. I actually migrate my oscommerce shop to virtuemart and of course I want to keep my customers and orders. So I did decide to use cart2cart service to do that task. The result is impressive. ... Cart2Cart
Date Written: 21 December 2009
Franz-Peter Scherer


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