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How to Migrate to BigCommerce

How to Migrate to BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the fast growing shopping cart. Being the hosted version of Interspire shopping cart, it is reliable and well supported platform ready to meet high eCommerce requirements. It is a flexible and easily customized cart which offers total control over design creativity. BigCommerce is user-friendly, offering simple product management, regular updates and high level of security. BigCommerce is a good way to set up your new web store.

Cart2Cart supports the migration to and from BigCommerce, allowing to make a process of moving products/customers/orders more effective. Follow Shopping Cart Migration Scenario.

Find more info about Bigcommerce.

Cart2Cart supports migration to and from BigCommerce.

Migration Options

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How is BigCommerce supported by Cart2Cart shopping cart migration service?

Supported Entities*FromTo
Product information, e.g. Product Title, Description, Model, Created Time, Modified Time, Available, Weight, Quantity, Default Price, Special Price, Tax Class, etc.
Product Images
Images, corresponding to all products in the source store.
Product Extra Fields
Additional fields that do not influence the product price and have no selective meanings, e.g. dropdowns, radio buttons or checkboxes.
Product Attributes
Additional fields that may influence the product price and have a couple of meanings, e.g. Size, Style, Color, Material, Battery Life, Processor Speed, etc.
Product Variants
Specific items, grouped with related variants that together form a product. Variants usually vary from each other in one or more properties, e.g. a medium-sized, green shirt with a stock-keeping unit (SKU) of 14678 is one product variant of the Shirt product.
Product categories constituting the major groups of products in the store.
Category Images
Images corresponding to the product categories.
Information about each customer, e.g. Email, Login, First Name, Last Name, Company, Birthday, Phone, Fax, Active, Created Time, Modified Time, etc.
Customer Shipping Address
Mailing address of each customer, i.e. customer home address.
Customer Billing Address
Address, where the customer receives the statement of their credit card.
Customer Groups
Customers will be migrated preserving relationships with their groups
General information about the orders made by customers, e.g. Customer, Customer Info, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Currency, Status, Totals, Created Time, etc.
Order Statuses
Information about the status of each order made by customers, such as Complete, In progress, etc.
Order Products
List of product details in one order, e.g. Name, Price, Number, etc. of each product in an order.
List of currency rates for different countries.
Information about the manufacturer of each product in the store database, e.g. Name, Description, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.
Manufacturer Images
Images corresponding to product manufacturers in the store.
Details about the type of taxes assigned for products, e.g. Name, Value, Value Type (percent or exact value in default currency), Created Time, Modified Time, etc.
Reviews of products on your store including Customers Name, Review, etc.
Migrating FROM:  product options are not supported.
Migrating TO:  customer's address books are not supported.
* The eventual combinations of supported entities depend on the actual variation of source and target shopping carts as well as their settings.

Additional OptionsFromTo
Delete current data from the Target Store before the migration  info
Preserve product IDs on the Target Store (+$39)  info
Preserve order IDs on the Target Store (+$49)  info
Preserve customer IDs on the Target Store (+$49)  info
Create product variants based on the combinations of attribute values (+$25)  info
Strip HTML from category and product names  info
Migrate images in products and categories description (+$49)  info
Preserve product image URLs  info
Migrate categories and products SEO URLs (+$59)  info
Skip product thumbnail images migration  info
Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store (+$19)  info

Please note!

  1. There is also available "Migrate 301 SEO URLs of categories and products" option. It allows to migrate 301 Redirects of Source store SEO URLs to new Target store SEO URLs.
  2. Customers' credit card information is not migrated. Though, the information about customers' billing, shipping addresses will be successfully migrated.
  3. When the migration process is completed all registered customers will have to use password recovery form on the target shopping cart to use their profiles, due to the fact that various shopping carts use different password encryption algorithm.
  4. We do not migrate SEO information. Website structure and URLs will be changed on target store.
  5. BigCommerce is API-based (hosted) shopping cart, so you do not need to install a bridge file to your store.

Also, we provide migration to and from Interspire shopping cart.

"BigCommerce" is registered trademark of BigCommerce Pty. Ltd.

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