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Cart2Cart  Fantastic work ! All is gone as expected and my new site now runs as a jewel !! Good job , good job !Cart2Cart
Alessandro Paxia

Shopping Cart Types

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

eCommerce is a booming industry that rapidly developed in the last decade. It brought an opportunity to sell and buy whatever and whenever you want. However, good Internet store requires appropriate tool to establish it. Currently there are hundreds of platforms that you can built your webshop with. It’s easy to get lost in a vast number of options. In order to make your decision making process easier we provide you with this short presentation which is a basic guide on major shopping carts, their types, advantages and disadvantages.

Now when you’ve got a short intro into the world of eCommerce shopping carts you can select the platform that will best fit your needs. In case if for some reasons you would like to change your current cart simply use automated migration service Cart2Cart. It provides error-free and fast migration to all major shopping carts. All you have to do is to create an account and proceed with free Demo Migration. After that you will be able to move your shop to a desirable cart in only a few hours.

Start Demo migration for absolutely FREE!

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Cart2Cart  To the Cart2Cart Team using this service for our clients has made our life and the clients life much easier, A real time saver. 15 migartions done and more coming. Great service from the Cart2Cart Team thank ... Cart2Cart
Date Written: 02 June 2011
Spiders Web Design
Cart2Cart  After several emails and migration tests at the end the result was excellent, even on the part of persons responsible for assisting, great job, thank you.Cart2Cart
Date Written: 26 February 2014
Fabrizio Aureli


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