Where did e-Merchants Migrate to in 2014? Cart2Cart In-House Info

    Have you ever wondered what are the top shopping carts merchants are migrating to? As an automated migration service, Cart2Cart has a unique opportunity to track e-merchant’s tastes and learn which platforms enjoyed the most recognition over different periods of time. And, today, we’ve decided to share our in-house information with you.

    Download the following white paper and you’ll get an immediate access to Cart2Cart’s graphic and descriptive stats, that’ll reveal the genuine tastes of online shop owners nowadays.

      Find out more about:
    • The most popular source and target shopping carts.
    • Key trends in migrations of the last 5 years
    • Open-source vs hosted? Which one rules the e-Commerce world?
    • The shutdown of Magento Go and ProStores. How did merchants migrate from the closed shopping carts?

    The uplisted white paper will provide you with explicit and data driven answers for these and plenty of other e-Commerce questions.

    Note: As a leading automated migration service, Cart2Cart has partner relations with a number popular shopping carts, however, the presented white paper provides a bare, unbiased statistics and doesn’t aim to promote any platforms in any way.