Tips on How to Get a Perfect Store Design

So, what are the main mistakes that you have to avoid while creating your store and which shopping cart can make your storefront look fancy and unique? Let’s check an opinion of eCommerce experts from WebMasterReview. They point out the main issues that you have to consider and avoid while creating your shop design:

    Too little information about the products
    Online shopping should simulate the real shopping experience. In other words, you will need to compensate for the advantage of picking up a product, touching it, reading the label and looking at it from every possible angle by providing as much info about it as possible. Basically, if you are going to leave your customers wondering about the features of the products, they are very like to take their business elsewhere.

    Asking for an account to order
    Having to create an account so you can place an order is not exactly the definition of quick and easy online shopping. In fact, you are just placing another obstacle for customers that are interested in purchasing from you. Not to mention that you will create the impression of being more interested in capturing information and possibly selling it to spammers.

    Small product images
    As mentioned before, the goal of an ecommerce site is to recreate the real shopping experience at a brick and wall outlet. Consequentially, if you are including tiny product images, visitors will be unable to see what the features refer to and hence, you cannot truly convince them that the product fits their needs and preferences.

    No info regarding the shipping rates
    Since people want to complete an order rapidly, you have no good reason of leaving the shipping rates information out. Even if they are high, users are more likely to abandon an order if they have to wait until you send them an email with these rates before confirming.

    Not focusing on the products
    Because the primary goal of an ecommerce site is to sell products, you need to make sure that they are displayed first and everything else second. Your fancy, state-of-art design is virtually useless if visitors are not able to find info, pictures and details about your products.

    The absence of related products
    If you were to walk into a standard brick and mortar store, then you will see the products are arranged on special isles with numerous similar or related items. This approach does not only make it easier for the customer to find the products he is interested in, but in online shopping will also increase the add-on sales for your business.

    Limited payment options
    You would be surprised by the number of ecommerce sites that only accept Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. But what if a buyer does not have a PayPal account or owns an AmEx and he is interested in acquiring your products, as it often happens on many sites? That’s right, he will simply take his business elsewhere.

    Poorly designed shopping cart
    Even though many underestimate its power, the shopping cart plays one of the most crucial roles on ecommerce sites. The shopping cart has the function of allowing customers to add multiple items, revise the quantities, see the price per item, total cost, etc. and this is how you should keep it.

The last few points that were discussed above depend directly on what your shopping cart is. That is why to create a really distinctive store look you will have to find a platform that will offer both proper design and eCommerce features. So, you will be offered 3 different options that can handle any design issues.

  • PrestaShop - an open source (free) platform with flexible template system. You will be able to modify any aspect of your store. Additionally a big number of other themes are available at Addon Store.
  • CS-Cart - a paid cart that enables you get full access to source code. So you can alter templates the way you need. Simple block management system will allow you to modify your store look.
  • BigCommerce - a hosted (paid) solution that offers extensive design features. The shopping cart offers 100+ free templates by default and two tools to alter and create any themes for your store. The first one is a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor. The second one will allow technical minded users to alter HTML and CSS.

But what shall you do if your shop is powered by another platform that doesn’t offer enough design features? The answer is quite simple - migrate store with Cart2Cart. An automated migration service will help you to transfer data fast and secure. Simply register an account and set up your free Demo Migration. Don’t lose a chance to get a perfect design for your store!