What is the Perfect Way to Change Your Shopping Cart [Infographic]
Choosing a shopping cart is an integral part of creating online store. It’s not always possible for e-merchants to make a right choice immediately, that’s why they often look for replace their shopping carts. However, is there a method to perform switch easily, quickly and with no money expenses? Three main ways of all database transfer include : hiring a professional, using the 3-rd party extension or automated migration So, let’s find out what method is the best for changing your shopping cart.

Method #1. It’s not a problem to find a tech skilled person who can migrate your store quicklier than you. Nevertheless, technician won’t do that for free, so the service will cost a good money.

Method #2. Using 3-rd party extension is for those who have much time and desire to perform migration on their own. The benefit of this method, is that there’s no need to pay for a specialist. But the cons of such way are more considerable and include lack of opportunities for multi-store migration and possibilities to face inaccurate result and bug.

Method #3. Automated migration service acquit you of wasting the time for manual switch or spending money for hiring the programmer. Having no technical skills you can follow a few steps to perform fully automated data transfer. Moreover, there is no need to worry about traffic loses as your Source store won't be downtimed during migration. Also, affordable price which starts at $49 is not going to drain the purse surely.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of all these methods have a look at the infographic which clearly illustrates their peculiarities.

What is the Perfect Way to Change Your Shopping Cart

So, after the comparison it would be a wise decision to choose the last way for your data transfer. Migration with Cart2Cart appears to be easy and affordable for everyone. Don’t waste your time and move all your entities right away.