The Recap of Top 5 Most Read Autumn Articles

The web is changing along with the weather outside the window. The autumn season is primarily associated with falling leaves, harvest and bright, hot colors. A lot of websites, as well as Cart2Cart were trying to adapt these associations. During this period, a lot of articles have appeared on our blog. It is already winter and it means its high time to sum up the season that passed. We’ve prepared a brief recap of the most read Cart2Cart’s articles that will help you to understand what e-Commerce community was interested in during this autumn.

The Recap of Top 5 Most Read Autumn Articles

A Quick Guide to PrestaShop Multi-Store

Multi-store function is one of the top demanded features, especially among large-scaled businesses. It provides an opportunity to set up and manage an unlimited number of sub-shops within single admin panel. PrestaShop - one of the leaders in today's e-Commerce world didn’t stay behind and introduced the feature in 1.5 version. Article clearly explains:

  1. main terms, which you should get acquainted with before setting up multi-store;
  2. how to set up a PrestaShop multi-store;
  3. how to configure shops and shop groups in PrestaShop multi-store with screenshots for better understanding.

5 Reasons Why WooCommerce Is the World's Fastest Growing Shopping Cart

Latest e-Commerce tendencies show WooCommerce is the fastest growing shopping cart. We decided to take a closer look and find main reasons of such popularity of this WordPress plugin. Article is based on a profound research and determines factors that have contributed a platform to success:

    The Recap of Top 5 Most Read Autumn Articles
  • WordPress plugin. What means platform is intuitive and easy to install and use like WordPress CMS.
  • WooCommerce has gained a reputation of a stable and bugless shopping cart.
  • New features, fixes, numerous extensions make WooCommerce preferable solution not only for WordPress users but for all e-merchants.
  • Any merchant who faces issues will get high level of support.
Last but not least is a price.

Add-to-Cart Button - a Research of Top 50 Sites

The Recap of Top 5 Most Read Autumn Articles

One more research. As every e-merchant knows, add-to-cart button is a significant element of any e-Commerce store. It can induce customer to a purchase as well as dissipate attention of a user. There are different aspects you should pay attention to including button size, type, color, etc. After looking through an infographic you will understand what add-to-cart buttons are the most effective.

Magento Community Edition 1.8: Is It Worth to Use?

The Recap of Top 5 Most Read Autumn Articles

Needless to say Magento is one of the leaders in today's e-Commerce sphere. Lately shopping cart has presented a new Magento Community Edition 1.8. Article helps to dip your toe into main improvements and new features of a platform. You will find out how Magento became faster, what are improvements in tax calculations, what are security enhancements and much more.

Jimmy Rodriguez: "Hosted Solutions Are the Way of the Future"

The Recap of Top 5 Most Read Autumn Articles

Jimmy Rodriguez - Chief Technical Officer at 3dcart kindly agreed to give us an exclusive interview. He shares his thoughts about hosted and open source platforms, their future, gives an insight look at 3dcart. In addition to that, Jimmy shares what brought him to a company, main features that led 3dcart to popularity, provides useful recommendations on successful store migration.

So these are 5 articles, which our readers liked the most. Continue following Cart2Cart Blog and improve your knowledge in e-Commerce.