If you have developed your own shopping cart or are planning to develop one, this offer is for you.

The offer briefly: We will add your shopping cart to the List of Carts Supported by Cart2Cart service, and help you constantly gain more customers in the long run.

Basic advantages of having your shopping cart supported by Cart2Cart migration service:

  1. Initial store launch is much easier
  2. Lower сosts for customer involvement
  3. Quick automated migration process

Cart2Cart web service helps you get more customers by making the migration process faster, easier and more convenient for both - you and store owners!
If you have experience with data import to other shopping cart you are probably aware of the issues that may occur. We are here to help you avoid common troubles and make the migration accurate.

What is necessary to support migration to your shopping cart?

Please send us email and we will respond to you in the shortest time possible(no more than 1-2 business days).
In the e-mail specify the following information:

  1. Your shopping cart name/website
  2. Your cart installation and license for 2 development domains
  3. Database with at least 10 orders/customers/products/manufacturers and other related entities (better to provide real data)

This information will not be anyhow disclosed, it will be used for development/testing purposes only.

How much time does it take?

It depends on your shopping cart complexity, however previous experience shows that it takes about 2 weeks to perform initial beta testing and 1-2 more weeks to make the migration stable.
We continue working on every issue in case it occurs during live migrations.

What is the cost, warranty, terms of service?

For commercial software vendors - $3999

There is no charge for support of free shopping carts without any additional paid versions, updates, services, etc. If you would like us to support free shopping cart, the price will be same as for commercial shopping carts.

We will provide refund if we won't be able to develop proper migration mechanism for your shopping cart.
We ensure personalized approach to every customer to meet specific requirements, thus we do not have unified terms for everyone. Please send us email to ask questions, leave comments or provide your ideas.

What will you get as part of commercial support of your cart?

  1. Your cart will be available for migration in Suported Carts list
  2. You will get special landing page, dedicated to your shopping cart only
    like https://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/bigcommerce-migration-service, with your shopping cart details
    allowing you to recommend this page to your customers, include it in your website, newsletter and other resources.
  3. Separate section in Migration Service Partners
    We work with migration partners, who can help with post-migration customization, programming, design issues. Let us know, if you would like to be listed there as well.
  4. Assisted Migration section, with individual login will allow you to manage customer migrations yourself without involving the customer or without informing customer about migration tools you use.
    It will also include detailed list of previous migrations and migration logs, migration credits to simplify payment processing and several other tools to facilitate the process.
  5. Adverts on official website, available for visitors
  6. Your shopping cart included in our public promotion activities

What about previous/new versions?

Support for previous/new versions of your shopping cart will require additional consideration.
Previous experience proves that it is effective to support current cart version and the releases of the last 6-12 month. It is recommende to add older versions on demand.
Usually it takes much less efforts to support them.

What programming languages/technologies are supported?

There is no limits which language/technology to use (ASP/.NET/PHP/CFML/Java/Python/Ruby) due to individual approach. It will be necesary to implement support for each technology which can slow down the process of adding new shopping cart support.
Right now we have implemented support for PHP-based carts only, but we are ready to add shopping carts based on any technology.

Can you support Shopping Cart with API?

From now on we are able to add your Shopping Cart to our supported list if it has API (Remote Management Functions) feature. For the Full support of your Cart the API should handle orders, customers, products, categories and manufactures import/export.

If you have any questions or suggestions on service improvement, please leave your feedback

How to start?

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