woocommerce multisite

How to set up WooCommerce Multisite?

WooCommerce Multisite comes into play with WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite allows WordPress users to have more than one website on the same WP installation. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows WordPress websites to carry online stores. So, WooCommerce Multisite allows multiple, independent stores with a single WordPress installation. Benefits of enabling Multisite in WooCommerce WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress Multisite. This means, if you have WordPress Multisite installed, you can install WooCommerce on your Multisite network. What do you have then? Your own WooCommerce network of online stores! Now you can install WooCommerce themes and plugins only once and they will be available for all the stores on the network. By enabling merchants to set up multiple stores with a single installation, WooCommerce Multisite saves merchants a lot of time. The primary network and all of its subsites can activate specific themes and plugins with only one click of...

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How to Set Up an Amazon - eCommerce Store Integration

eCommerce merchants often grabble with the choice of selling on third-party marketplaces like Amazon or selling through their own website. On one hand, Amazon has a massive built-in audience that...

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OpenCart alternatives

OpenCart Alternatives 2021: Top 3 Favorites

Looking for an alternative to replace your current OpenCart platform? Today we'll outline the potential capabilities of other shopping carts and describe the strongest OpenCart alternatives for running a successful...

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how to export woocommerce products

How to Quickly Export WooCommerce Products Without Even Trying

Eventually, all the owners of WooCommerce stores deal with the product import/export issue. Whether you’re planning a migration, switching provider/domain host, creating a backup copy of e-shop’s records - make...

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woocommerce url structure

How to Build a Proper WooCommerce URL Structure (2021)

The WooCommerce URL structure strongly affects the store's search engine rankings and user experience. If configured badly, it can cause mistakes, performance disruptions, and duplicates. Therefore, it is essential for...

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woocommerce variations

WooCommerce Variations - 2022 DIY Guide for Store Owners

As a WooCommerce user myself, I've experienced the benefits that come alongwith this handy e-commerce tool. Among the varied WooCommerce features, the WooCommerce Variations utility is a must-try. So, if...

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woocommerce etsy importer

Woocommerce Etsy Importer: 2022 Tips & Tricks

Nowadays many merchants are looking for a WooCommerce Etsy importer after gaining the paramount experience of selling on this world-known marketplace. Trading on a standalone, feature-packed shopping cart gives them...

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