woocommerce multisite

How to set up WooCommerce Multisite?

WooCommerce Multisite comes into play with WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite allows WordPress users to have more than one website on the same WP installation. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows WordPress websites to carry online stores. So, WooCommerce Multisite allows multiple, independent stores with a single WordPress installation. Benefits of enabling Multisite in WooCommerce WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress Multisite. This means, if you have WordPress Multisite installed, you can install WooCommerce on your Multisite network. What do you have then? Your own WooCommerce network of online stores! Now you can install WooCommerce themes and plugins only once and they will be available for all the stores on the network. By enabling merchants to set up multiple stores with a single installation, WooCommerce Multisite saves merchants a lot of time. The primary network and all of its subsites can activate specific themes and plugins with only one click of...

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ecommerce platforms for small business

The Most Popular eCommerce Platforms for Small Business in 2022

The eCommerce industry is booming with an impressive amount of platforms that aim to take your startup to a new level. Undoubtedly, choosing the store's platform is a crucial aspect...

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top 5 mobile platforms

Put Your Shop in Clients’ Hands with TOP-5 Mobile eCommerce Platforms

Are you reading this on a mobile device? The chance you’re is huge. Did you know that during the previous year Black Friday sales 40% of all the purchases were...

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how to choose the ecommerce solution

How to Choose the Right-Your-Size eCommerce Solution

Needless to say that the decision-making process can often be stressful. And when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform to settle your online business on, everything is even more...

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WooCommerce statistics 2017

WooCommerce Statistics 2017: Rise or Fall?

Even the title of our article implies that today`s discussion is going to be gripping and memorable. Why so? We're going to uncover the outstanding accomplishments of one of the...

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How to Install Google Analytics on WooCommerce

How to Install Google Analytics on WooCommerce

By reading these lines you prove one thing -- you’re a responsible store owner in a search of ways to make your business more valuable and profitable. Most certainly, you’ve...

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5 Reasons to Trade VirtueMart for WooCommerce

5 Reasons to Trade VirtueMart for WooCommerce

Using a CMS + an ecommerce plugin has helped thousands of Internet users transform their hobby into a profitable undertaking. This way, you can add an online store to your...

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