wix vs wordpress

What's Better: Wix or WordPress?

You may be wondering, why is WordPress better than Wix, but there is no simple choice between the two because they do different things. With Wix, hosting and tech support are included, but you can't build a large site. With WordPress, you can create large websites, but you are responsible for your own web hosting and need your own tech support. Which is better - Wix or WordPress? Wix vs WordPress: Ease of use Wix was created with non-techies in mind. It is an easy drop-and-drag website builder that requires no technical expertise. WordPress has a steep learning curve, requiring technical know-how. Winner: Wix Wix vs WordPress: Design options Wix gives you access to a library of almost 1,000 free templates. They are very appealing and come in different categories to cater to different industries. There are two drawbacks, though: once you have chosen a template, you can't change it...

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How to Optimize Shopify Store Speed

We have all been there. You type in a question on Google, click on a promising website, and it takes ages to load. What do you do? You leave the...

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shopify upgrade

Complete Shopify upgrade checklist [2022]

In simple terms it means transferring all your Shopify store data to Shopify, so that you can operate your online business on the Shopify platform. Shopify is a hugely popular...

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Shopify to BigCommerce

Complete Shopify to BigCommerce migration checklist [2022]

We have prepared a convenient Shopify to BigCommerce checklist for you to make it easy to you to do your own website migration. Shopify to BigCommerce migration is a simple...

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CSV to Shopify

Complete CSV to Shopify migration checklist [2022]

CSV file is universal data format that can be used by any web application including online stores and accounting systems. Merchants can migrate and entire live store into a CSV...

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Shopify to WIX

Complete Shopify to Wix migration checklist [2022]

Shopify is widely regarded as a top eCommerce platform. The platform is known for its remarkable app store that offers thousands of apps for optimal customizations and functionality. This feature...

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PrestaShop to Shopify migration checklist

PrestaShop to Shopify migration checklist [2022]

PrestaShop is a free open source shopping cart platform. It is used by small companies to create online stores and sell their wares online. PrestaShop is self-hosted so merchants need...

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