migrating to Shopify

What Makes Shopify the Best Ecommerce Platform to Migrate to?

Shopify is arguably the fastest, most flexible and most user-friendly ecommerce platform on the market to use and manage. The process of migrating to Shopify from a different hosted platform is no different. One of the many benefits of Shopify is that there are already many measures in place to make migration as hassle-free as possible. After all, it’s in...

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shopify slate

Everything You Need to Know about Slate - Latest Shopify Scaffold & Command Line Tool

A few months back, Shopify introduced a theme scaffold cum command line tool for easier Shopify theme development. Slate is basically a lesson learnt from Timber - A Shopify Framework....

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magento vs shopify

Magento vs Shopify: 5 Differences You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Magento vs Shopify - which one would work for your business? Seems the impossible decision to make? You’re not alone here. Majority of online retailers are confused between these two...

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mobile ecommerce platform

Put Your Shop in Clients’ Hands with TOP-5 Mobile eCommerce Platforms

Are you reading this on a mobile device? The chance you’re is huge. Did you know that during the previous year Black Friday sales 40% of all the purchases were...

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godaddy vs shopify

GoDaddy vs Shopify: Broad Glance at the Major Aspects

Nowadays, the business world comes along with an abundance of new customer’s requirements and an issue of finding a right online shopping cart to fit the company’s demands. Whether you're...

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wix vs squarespace vs shopify

Wix vs Squarespace vs Shopify: 9 Critical Decision-Making Factors for eCommerce [Rating Is Included]

Once you’ve started reading this article, the question - which one is better in the competition Wix vs Squarespace vs Shopify - is really something you do not know. Is...

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Etsy vs Shopify support and tech assistance

Etsy vs Shopify Comparison: Marketplace or Standalone?

If you're on the way to kickstart your online business, a tricky question may be haunting your mind: what's the best pick - Etsy vs Shopify? Hopefully, we won't disappoint...

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