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Your trusted checklist for Volusion to Shopify [2022]

On 27th July 2020, Volusion announced that it had started filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This move was caused by a security breach at the company, which led to thousands of customer payment card records being sold on one of the dark webs. This turn of events have made many merchants who run their stores on Volusion jittery and many have decided to migrate to other ecommerce platforms, including Shopify. Table of Contents: Volusion to Shopify migration Pre-Migration Tips Prepare your Volusion store Prepare your Shopify store Set up the theme for your new store Volusion to Shopify Migration Set up the Source cart Specify the Target cart Select data for migration Customize your data transfer with additional options Map customer groups & order statuses Launch a free Demo migration Start Full migration Post-Migration Recommendations Volusion to Shopify migration In short, store migration is the process of transferring data, design,...

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DIY Store Migration. 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

In our continuously evolving technological landscape, eCommerce replatforming has stopped being something that online entrepreneurs tend to avoid. Nowadays, it’s a common procedure among store owners to migrate from one...

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Cart2Cart Migration Facts & Statistics 2019

Having performed an in-depth analysis of Cart2Cart internal migration information, we’re now ready to name the eCommerce leaders of the previous year, as well as the platforms that have lost...

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Post-Migration Checklist. Tried & True Tips

eCommerce replatforming is not a one-click affair at all, but if you have managed to transfer all the store entities and failed to consider the post-migration activities, you are almost...

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how to migrate customer groups

How to Migrate Customers Groups?

Not for nothing customers are considered to be the most important people in any business company. They are the purpose and part of the work. Without them, no business could...

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5 Features That Make Volusion So Popular Among e-Merchants

5 Features That Make Volusion So Popular Among e-Merchants

Volusion is a web-based e-Commerce solution having all the tools to set up and run a successful online store. The platform has been on the e-market for around 14 years...

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Volusion - Must-Haves for  a Successful Shopping Cart [Infographic]

Volusion - Must-Haves for a Successful Shopping Cart [Infographic]

Do you want to sell online but don’t know where to start from? Undoubtedly the initial step is finding an appropriate shopping cart software to build your store. However, this...

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