How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

osCommerce is a platform with a long history. It used to be really wide used. All because intuitive interface, reliable support and high level of security. However, time goes by, new technologies are developing. osCommerce didn’t present any updates for a long time and for this reason e-merchants decide to migrate from osCommerce to Shopify. Why Shopify? It is a hosted shopping cart with numerous free templates, rich features and helpful support.

Cart2Cart will be really useful in a case you want to perform osCommerce to Shopify migration. All your products, product categories, manufacturers and customers will be transferred to Shopify automatically. Just watch a video tutorial and follow a simple step by step instruction.

#1. Register an Account

To start your osCommerce migration right away, create Cart2Cart account. There will also be a possibility to login via your existing Google or Facebook account.

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

#2. Select Source Cart

Here, you have to choose osCommerce as your Source cart. Then enter shop’s URL. After that, you have to install a Connection Bridge. It will give Cart2Cart access to your data. Firstly, you have to download a file with a bridge. Secondly, unpack a file. After that, upload it to the store root directory. If you face some inconveniences, look through our FAQ.

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

#3. Select Target Cart

Now you have to provide information about your Target Cart. According to the same principle, select Shopify from the list and paste online store’s URL. After that, you have to enter Shopify admin panel and go to APPs menu. There click on the link in the left bottom corner for private application activation. There you will see API Key and API Password. Copy and paste them to the appropriate fields in Cart2Cart Wizard.

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

#4. Choose Entities

At this point, you will be able select store items you would like to migrate. Put a tick near each entity or click Check all box. You will also be able to choose additional options.

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

#5. Currencies Mapping

In a case, your store has more than one currency, here you map source and target store currencies.

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

#6. Perform Demo Migration

In terms of finances Demo Migration takes nothing. In terms of time it takes a couple of minutes. When Demo is completed, you will be able to check results on Shopify store. So it is highly recommended not to skip this step. Read more about Demo Migration here.

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

#7. Perform Full Migration

Before you start Full Migration, ensure you:

  • double-checked entities that have to be transferred;
  • don’t have a coupon code;
  • have enough cash on account.

Now you can press Start Full Migration button. You will be able to track how your store items are migrating to Shopify. The process will take some time, so you can close a browser window.

How to Migrate from osCommerce to Shopify

You will receive an email when migration will be completed. Thats it! You are a proprietor of Shopify store.

Now you know how to perform osCommerce to Shopify migration in 7 easy steps. If there are some questions, contact our Support Team.