Have PrestaShop at Your Fingertips

A dime a dozen

What is PrestaShop? It is an independent open source platform, providing wide possibilities for modifications. It is totally free, requiring no licence, installation fees or regular payments. Thus, the financial aspect will not bother you. As the shopping cart is quite lightweight, it is downloaded and installed easily. The platform is not complicated in operation so the special programming talents or skills will not be crucial. So, PrestaShop is affordable and open for anyone who has prospects for online store business development.

Have your fingers in many pies

Now, let’s consider the functional side of the platform. First, its flexibility is worth mentioning. It can be adjusted to the needs and requirements of any eCommerce project. The interface with numerous themes, modern designs and easily guided catalogues is attractive for the customers. It goes without saying, that such details help you raise your traffic rates. As the web store owner you will also be satisfied with numerous PrestaShop modules which are developed to make your life easier. The huge benefit is the ability to manage several stores from one backup office. Among other benefits that the shopping cart can offer are high level of security, SEO friendly URLs, numerous promotional tools. The platform successfully provides service with multiple languages and currencies and different payment options.

Two heads are better than one

One of the benefits of the shopping cart out of other eCommerce solution is a powerful support team. If you are starting your online business you’ll inevitably look for answers. The documentation provides information concerning downloading, installation and customization of the platform. Also  the tabs in the administration interface of PrestaShop have a "Help" link. Of course, before the installation one can browse PrestaShop demo to get general idea of its peculiarities and functioning.
However, lots of useful experience can be transferred only by word of mouth. In this case,  the strong community of PrestaShop programmers and users is ready to provide you advice according to any aspect of working with the platform, so that you don’t feel perplexed.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Though the benefits of the platform are obvious, don’t rush to make a decision. Before choosing PrestaShop platform for your web store you must be warned of several drawbacks. The shopping cart is optimal for small and medium online stores but you’ll experience difficulties choosing it for managing the large one. You’ll also have to purchase additional modules which are not inbuilt but necessary for the proper functioning of the shopping cart.

The ball is in your court

Once you have learnt the information, start thinking over the pros and cons to make the right decision. Take your time to get acquainted with the shopping cart. Remember, that PrestaShop offers a potential growth of your online store with minimal investment and effortless effective operation.

Make your choice and whenever you're sure, get the store you wish in no time, migrate to PrestaShop with Cart2Cart.