Hit the Target: Upgrade PrestaShop 1.4 to 1.6 [Prezi]

Today online business is an an integral part of modern life. Running a web store has become not just a hobby for some people, but a lifestyle. Though, having an e-shop is not enough nowadays as making it profitable and top-ranking appears to be everyday back-breaking labour. This primarily applies to its outlook and shopping convenience in combination with fast downloading pages and intuitive navigation.

PrestaShop is a French shopping cart that has appeared in e-Commerce world in 2007. Since the solution is free and truly reliable, it has immediately won public’s attention. Now platform supports more than 150 000 stores all over the planet. Also, the shopping cart developers constantly work hard on PrestaShop quality. As a result they permanently present new updated releases with tons of enhancements. From the 1.4 version withdraw, developers have perfect the cart with completely new features. Therefore, if you still use 1.4 version, then explore the novelties of the “freshman”. You can enjoy such benefits as:

  • new module API;
  • multi-store function;
  • improved localization;
  • new dashboard look;
  • responsive design;
  • real time net margin;
  • powerful navigation with rich menu;

After comparison you may come to mind about updating your shopping cart. The usual upgrade is not always the right choice. During the process even experienced shop owner can face some obstacles, what also takes much time. An automated migration with Cart2Cart suggests an alternative: migrate all products, customers, orders easily and effortlessly from your present store to newly installed 1.6.

If you still hesitate whether upgrade PrestaShop 1.4 to 1.6 or not, take a look at the prezi guide and make sure that it really simple.

So, that’s it! Now you are a ready to make a step forward. Upgrade your store with Cart2Cart and enjoy all capacities provided by PrestaShop 1.6.